Delicious Food in the Ancient Land of Hoa Lu

Mountain goat
Ninh Binh mountain goat meat tastes better than other regions because it is raised on limestone mountains, eating a variety of leaves so meat is firmer. From goat meat can process dozens of different dishes, but the best is still re-goat. Re-goat dish is made very carefully from the stage of fresh meat on the leaves of lemongrass or chrysanthemum leaves to lose the smell to other complex stages. Re-goat often served with acrid bananas, star fruit, herbs, leaves and most importantly the special ginger sauce.

Sour sour pork
The number of people who can make this special type of spring rolls is not much nowadays, apart from the professional know-how that requires a very strict compliance process. In addition to careful selection and processing of meat, packaging is also important. The innermost leaf layer is often used with guava leaves that have a good taste and acridness. Outside is a layer of fresh banana leaves, spring rolls are wrapped tightly and tightly to quickly ferment sour and to last long. Nem is served with a little guava leaves, fig leaves, herbs rolled up, dipped with lemon sauce, garlic and chili or pepper.

Burnt rice
Ninh Binh people, everyone belongs to the phrase "fine wine, burnt rice, goat meat" and that is really the specialty not to be missed of the ancient capital. Burning rice appeared from the end of the 19th century and after a period of development, it has become an indispensable dish in every feast of distant guests of Ninh Binh people.

Burning rice is processed and sold all year round. 
Standard rice must choose very sophisticated rice, mixing the right ratio of glutinous rice and eight rice. To form a pot, a thick cast iron pot is used and rotated during cooking to whiten evenly and remove itself from the side of the pot. After cooking, nearly dried or dried, sealed in plastic bags for gradual use. When eating, put the pieces into a pan of boiling oil.

Raw fish salad
Every 2 months in the rainy season is the season to go fishing. They are related to eels but do live in slightly salty water (mollusc tubers) and live in brackish water (miserly). Perhaps because tuna is slippery and fierce, catching is not easy, so the tuna dish has become a specialty.

Miscellaneous fish salad is the most popular.
Tuna fish can be processed many dishes such as stock, fried, sour soup, braised ... But fish salad is the most popular. Fresh fish meat cut into slices has a pink color like fish flesh. The listener is made of roasted glutinous rice, which is fragrant and fleshy. Devoured meat is mixed quickly with hearing to fragrant, and crispy fried fish skin to roll with salad. When eating, each person depending on the taste to wrap salad with fried fish or leaves.

Kim Son Wine
Glutinous rice harvested to dry, dried and put into jars to preserve alcohol. In order to have yeast, some people put in it some medicinal herbs that have aeration, bactericidal effect. To have a good wine, the cook must have a long experience, especially in preserving brewing wine in different weather and environmental conditions.

Kim Son pitchers.
Phat Diem girls, in Kim Son town, have white and smooth skin, with deep dreamy eyes, often go on sale everywhere. Their solicitation was warm, sweet and ringing like bells and did not understand if that word formed a verse as a vow to Kim Son wine: There is still heaven, water, young children / And she sells wine, He was still drunk.

Gia Vien shrimp paste
The famous Gia Vien shrimp sauce dish is often chosen as a gift by many visitors from the carefully selected shrimp paste. Diu shrimp have a round body, small, blue and must be freshly washed and dried. Then take the pound of crushed golden roasted rice, with salt mixed with the shrimp in proportion, then put in a sealed jar for over a month to cook.

The bowl of shrimp sauce is scooped out in bright red, has a sweet, very attractive aroma. People can spread shrimp sauce with bacon. Eating Gia Vien shrimp sauce without adding MSG, it still tastes good, sweet and rich. Today, Gia Vien shrimp sauce has become a special dish of the parties when there is a delicious dish of vegetables nearby.

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