Discover Spring flower festivals around the world

Spring Flower Festival takes place jubilantly all over the world to honor the beauty of pristine cherry blossoms, the "queen" tulip lovely, "she" brilliant canola or plum forest, pure white forest .

Cherry Blossom
Not all the way to Korea or Japan, you will still have the brilliant pink pictures of cherry blossoms right in Dalat. From the end of January to the beginning of February every year, the land of pine trees is covered in pink when it is full of bright dew, and deeply immersed in each cluster of indigenous cherry blossoms. The central area of ​​Dalat with about 3,000 cherry trees scattered across the streets or Tuyen Lam lake area with over 30,000 trees are favorite shooting locations of tourists.

If you come to the hometown of cherry blossoms - Japan, you definitely can not ignore the Ueno cherry blossom festival held in late March and early April each year. Taking place at Ueno Onshi Park, one of the 5 most beautiful cherry blossom viewing points in Phu Tang, the festival gathers more than 1,200 cherry blossoms blooming in a gentle, pristine pink color. Guests can also enjoy the hanami viewing party of Japanese people with sushi and passionate sake just below the peach blossom. Similar to Japan, Spring "messengers" also bloom in South Korea around early April. The main highlight is the Spring Flower Festival in the Han River Yeouido, Seoul attracts more than 4 million visitors every year. , featuring white and pink by more than 1,400 cherry trees planted close together.

Cherries are also loved and grown in many parts of China such as Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai with about 300 diverse types and earlier blooming time from 2 to 4 weeks. Strolling in the wonder of the Great Wall of China in the last days of February, you will see all the chaos in your heart suddenly disappear when watching the cherry blossoms juxtaposed to bloom on either side of the wall.

Similarly, Taiwan spreads the sweet fragrance in Duong Minh Son park with over 2,000 cherry blossom trees and about 80,000 azalea plants from late February to the end of March every year. Duong Minh Son Flower Festival held on this occasion attracts more than 1 million visitors to admire this splendid scenery.

The Netherlands has always been an attractive European destination in the spring when 7 million tulips simultaneously bloom from late March to mid-May each year at the Keukhenhof flower garden. Each lovely bud of 800 different varieties meets the colors from pure white, charming red, warm yellow, tender pink ... to mysterious black to create a splendid carpet of nature, like mellow childhood land. The same color beds of tulips weave the winding roads between the ancient oak trees, creating an indescribably beautiful fairy space.

Once a year, come to Keukenhof to be immersed in the beauty of the world's largest spring flower garden to become a dream of natural hearts and discover around the globe.

Rapeseed flower
Unlike the canola season at the end of the year in Vietnam, Jeju Island (South Korea) is glowing with thousands of canola samples from early March to the end of April every year. Strolling on the heritage island, you will come across old houses with thatched roofs, stone walls surrounding and shiny cabbage flaps. The undulating mountains surround the canola valley overlooking the summit of Seongsan Ilchulbong volcano - the first place to catch Korea's sunrise, creating a brilliant natural picture of Spring. The blooming cauliflower also signals the beginning of the Spring Festival season, attracting millions of tourists to join, creating the full vitality of the pearl island.

Plum flowers, ban flowers
Spring is also the season of blooming flowers in the Northwest region of Vietnam. While the "muse" of Moc Chau is pure and pure in the white of the plum forests every February, the Dien Bien "steel land" also reflects the softness of the original white color, when red from the beginning. March to early April every year. Dien Bien Flower Festival is also held annually in March with many flower viewing activities and culinary experiences, unique ethnic culture.

Only when coming to the holy place of Northwest flowers in spring, will you find it imbued with every word in the famous "Love of Northwest". When the overcast winter days faded away, the Northwest bustled with the "Forest of flowers and joyful birds singing". Far away from the bustling urban bustle of car horns, travelers had the opportunity to release their bewitched "joy in the golden sunshine, flocks of white butterflies flying all over the flower forest - Pause by the spring water that surrounds us like lots of sounds".

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