Fall in love with the golden autumn of Australia

If the Northern Hemisphere was about to enter the sultry Summer, on the other side of the Southern Hemisphere, beautiful Australia would have softly collected in the bright yellow leaves. From March to May every year, when the foliage gradually turns red yellow, the village lurks in the misty mist, that's when "she" has returned.

Infatuated with her "Thu" Sydney
Arriving in Sydney, we can hardly ignore in a space so romantic and romantic. Thu will wind in every clear air. Autumn brilliantly in each yellow, red, purple leaves fall indifferently on the street. Autumn vague in the nostalgia of the distant velvet, suddenly came, suddenly went back to a time of past ...

Everywhere you see gold, red light falls on the roads, corners. Step in the middle of the road flooded with fallen yellow leaves, you will encounter rows of warm autumn color maple, hugging each small beautiful window. Each house, the street is also brighter by the colorful autumn trees. That alone is enough to make the traveler wobbly and flutter.

Not only brilliant with the yellow leaves, the autumn day of Sydney is also attracted by the sunshine pouring honey on the shelf.In the gentle weather, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House seems more majestic and sparkling under the blue sky, Blue sea side sparkling one color. In the afternoon, do not forget to take the yacht around Sydney Bay, watch the dolphins bounce and play, listen to the rustling seagulls calling for the flock. At this time, close your eyes, spread your arms, and breathe in the chilly air to feel how wonderful the Sydney Fall is! And if you come here from May 24 - June 15, 2019, do not forget to enjoy the impressive performance of the "Vivid Sydney" Lighting Festival held at the Opera House. This is the largest lighting festival in the Southern Hemisphere, praised by the British newspaper The Guardian as one of the 10 most creative festivals with brilliant 3D lighting performances and lively music.

Lost in the middle of the golden leaf avenue Macedon
If Thu Sydney has a modern color, Melbourne has an ancient beauty, full of nostalgia. The daily hustle and bustle of life seems to be slowing down, letting the people listen to the quiet shift of the trees changing leaves. Although in Autumn, the weather in Melbourne is cool. Put on a coat, put on a warm scarf, and explore every corner of the path lined with yellow leaves.

Somewhere, the pure laughter of the children playing on the golden carpet made the guests far away feel warm. Thu Melbourne rushed back on her fingers, gentle and smooth like a passionate first love. Tourists seem to go in the middle of a vague realm, to immerse themselves in the most romantic moment that will be remembered forever in life.

The autumn colors of yellow are raining all around the street, and the weather is soft and light. But the most enchanting is probably Macedon Boulevard - a "miniature Europe" in the heart of Australia with long lines of trees full of yellow leaves. Turns out, just an hour's drive from Melbourne city center, there is still a peaceful little corner with green fields running wildly, rows of maple trees along the sides of the avenue, quiet space almost absolute ...

Although there are many people who come to take pictures but still do not lose the pristine beauty of this romantic road. Quiet space, only enchanting scenery. A bit of light sunshine spread on the maple trees along the avenue. Yellow and red are racing to "color" the straight road. Let yourself drop on the "golden carpet", let the array of Thu filled the eyes, to reach out to the fallen autumn leaves, and to enjoy the quiet space even the breeze through his fingers and roof hair ... also very happy.

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