Hung Vuong Worship has Become A Special Cultural Identity Of Vietnamese People

With the sense of worshiping the same King, one day more and more deeply absorbed in the people's mind and molded into a cultural tradition imbued with the identity of the Vietnamese nation, which has been challenged through hardships and difficulties through many natural disasters and many "ups and downs" that our nation has faced during the history of national construction and defense of so many generations of Vietnamese people to keep moving forward.
 That precious tradition has penetrated deeply into the mind of each "Vietnamese people" and became a spiritual symbol of every brain and heart, enlightening the morality "Drink water to remember the source"; "Fruit remembers the tree growers" faithful to the son of so many generations of descendants of Hung Kings today and tomorrow. The worship of Hung Vuong has become an indispensable spiritual and emotional need and is a moral quality, a will to unite and unite the community into a nation and nation of Vietnam today. . That sacred traditional belief has created unrivaled physical strength and spiritual motivation so that our nation has enough "strength and wealth, spirit and energy" to overcome "all kinds of waves and storms. three ", radiant immature river Vietnam.

In the depths of the mind of every Vietnamese citizen for many generations, King Hung is the Patriarch who had made the nation of Van Lang - the first and primitive state of the Vietnamese nation. King Hung is the common ancestor of the entire Vietnamese people. Therefore, the worship of Hung Vuong has a very important place in the spiritual and emotional life of generations of Vietnamese people, both sacred and specific and a spiritual fulcrum. the power of great national unity to build and defend the country that Uncle Ho summed up and generalized into the truth of the nation and of the times:

"The Hung Kings had the merit of building a country, and his uncle must hold it together".

It is a special Vietnamese cultural tradition that expresses deep gratitude and a sense of respect for the merits of the Hung Kings and the generations of their fathers for the great revolutionary cause of today. President Ho Chi Minh was the heir who deserved the nation's merits to build the country. On Nghia Linh Mountain, there are thousands of spiritual energy, in the splendid blue sky on the anniversary of the death anniversary of the "tenth day of the third tenth month". It is that holiness that blows the soul into history: Every year we seem to see a brilliant aura enticing on the wings of the Lac birds. It is that holiness that blows the soul into history: Every year we seem to see a brilliant aura enticing on the wings of the Lac birds. It is that holiness that blows the soul into history:

"No matter who goes backwards
Remember the anniversary of the 10th anniversary of March.
Accompanied by the whole domain,
Young country, it's still this country for thousands of years "

The worship of Hung Vuong today has become a special cultural identity in Vietnam. That is the "red thread of spirituality" which is the "spiritual motivation" that unites the whole nation into a tree and a family, making the strength of the historical tradition of building the country and keeping the country in the cause of building. building and defending the Vietnamese Fatherland is on the way of "innovation and development" today. It is also a solid spiritual foundation to consolidate and develop the quality and personality of each Vietnamese person, contributing to the traditional "patriotic and compassionate" education for the young generations of Vietnam today and forever after. In order for the people of Vietnam to remain forever a bloc of solidarity strength against all hostile forces in order to endure the realization of Uncle Ho's sacred teaching: “Unity, solidarity, great unity! Success, success, great success".

Today, on the path of innovation and international economic integration, our people need to continue preserving and promoting the precious cultural values ​​of Hung Vuong's worship in life. contemporary to further promote the cause of national renewal and development, maintain the sovereignty and independence of the nation and the nation. Because of the above reasons, beliefs of Hung Vuong worship have been paid special attention by the Party and the State and all people in all parts of the country. Commemoration of Hung Vuong's death anniversary - Hung Temple Temple Festival has been solemnly and solemnly held every year for the purpose of: "Building and developing an advanced Vietnamese culture imbued with national identity. ", build a morally pure society,

More than ever, the worship of Hung Vuong is creating strength in the cause of defending and building the Vietnamese Fatherland for the goal: "Rich people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization!" and actively contribute to the cause of peace, solidarity and friendship with all humanity.

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