Phoenix Land In Trang An

The phoenix is ​​one of the four spirits recited by the people. Although the existence of a phoenix is ​​still controversial, the phoenix of the land is completely real. The land phoenix, called Buceros bicornis, the largest species of the rose family, resides in some forests in Vietnam and Trang An - Ninh Binh is the most mentioned place.

Peaceful afternoon scene at Trang An.
Trang An is an ecotourism area more than 90 km from Hanoi. With charming scenery and pristine cave system, many visitors after pilgrimage to the Buddha at Bai Dinh pagoda, visiting the scenery of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, often stop at Trang An.

Due to the characteristics of the natural environment, Trang An has a rich flora and fauna system with high biodiversity. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the monkeys, chamois, discolored civets, pangolin, otters ... innocently frolic from the water to the tall trees.
After buying a ticket at the wharf, visitors embark on a boat to begin the journey of a waterborne painting. Following the calm water, cool breezes, the boat drifted inwardly. Although located right on the road, when sitting on a boat to visit Trang An, all the noise seemed to be forgotten.

On the mountainside, flocks of white goats grazing on grass. Under the water, the le le swimming swimming, flying back is the water surface. In the sky flute, dog, cuckoo show off the sky, breaking the quiet space of the field, young water.

The land phoenix is ​​a species of bird in the Red Book, currently living mainly in Trang An and Ninh Binh.
Also living in a herd, but the phoenix is ​​a rare bird, so not everyone has the chance to see it when coming to Trang An. The land phoenix is ​​about 95 - 120 cm long with a wide wingspan. The identifier is the bright yellow and black beaked cap on top of the large bill. The female is smaller and has blue eyes instead of red eyes. Males often preen to apply yellow slime to primary wing feathers as well as beaks to make them bright yellow.

Many believe that the phoenix of the land will bring good luck to anyone caught once in life. Whether it is true or not, it is clear that if you once admire the phoenix of the land in the ancient capital, you are lucky among the millions of visitors.

If lucky, you will see phoenix land in Trang An.
The land phoenix often makes its nest early in the rainy season, when the forest does not have young leaves. Each batch of phoenix earth lay about 5 eggs, of which about 3 will hatch into children. Their nest is 5 m to 15 m above the ground, so in order to record if you have the chance to encounter, in addition to a high quality camera, you must also be good at climbing trees and not afraid of heights, A little more understanding of living habits to be accessible at close distances.
Not only the phoenix of the land, Trang An is also quite attractive. It is a peaceful space of the water and the same cave system, one after another: Dark cave has narrow and wide cave suddenly changing; Sang glitter cave with strange iridescent stalactites; Liquor cave and Com cave with the legend of the giant who makes wine here, bringing wine and rice to the mountains to eat ...

Thanks to the continuous cave system, conveying convective water flows through the ravine, so where and any season of the year, Trang An is as cool as autumn.

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