Specialties Com Do Ground Rice

Coming to Hoa Lu ancient capital, visitors can not help but visit the temple of King Dinh and Le Le wears, or immerse themselves in the vast nature of Trang An tourist area. Around the time of the season, there is a special hobby for guests: Walking on the streets of Ninh Binh in the afternoons, stopping at the restaurant on Highway 1, enjoying specialties of burnt rice.

Burning rice is a popular dish when visiting the ancient capital. The burnt rice restaurant is nothing too special, not really luxurious, but honest, kind as the people of this land. The restaurant does not have many dishes, but it also contains enough features and sophistication of Ninh Binh cuisine.

Elder rice has long become an attractive dish for travelers from all over the world.
The owner of the shop joked, telling the oral story about burning rice: There are more than 100 years, burning rice learned by a young man named Hoang Thang from the Chinese. After returning to his hometown, with the secret of processing delicious food, the young man opened a restaurant specializing in burnt rice.

It is not clear how the story of this ancient aftertaste really spoiled, only known that now burning rice has become a specialty of the people of the ancient capital. Burning rice is recognized as an Asian delicacy in the list of 10 famous specialties of Vietnam, becoming a tourist gift for the cross.
Mothers, wives often only cook burnt rice on the weekends, or to invite guests from far away, because the way to make this dish is also quite picky. To get a delicious burnt rice, the processor must choose fragrant, glutinous rice, add a bit of glutinous rice to the right ratio, or be replaced with eight fragrant rice.

Steamed rice must be accompanied by a delicious sauce, made from the heart, stir-fried pork kidney with onions, mushrooms, strong-smelling onions.

In order to create a scent, cooks often use a very thick cast iron pot, made with charcoal is the best. When cooked rice is taken out, leave a little bit of the bottom of the pot and continue on the incubator. About a few tens of minutes, when the bottom of the rice cooker has turned yellow, thin layer of burnt rice automatically peeled off the bottom of the pot.
That rice was dried, put in plastic bags, used to eat gradually. When eating, people bring fried rice in a pan of fat or boiling oil to form a rice dish that is yellow, crunchy and still flexible. Nowadays, many people are not so picky and bring rice to the microwave, or the oven, still get the delicious burnt rice.

Delicious burnt rice dishes must be accompanied by a delicious sauce. Beef or heart, stir-fried pork with onions, mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes, add a little dong powder to match to create a wave of sauce that matches the smell of onion.

There are also people who make mountain goat meat sauces that make a unique combination. The sauce is usually spicy, aromatic, absorbed into the piece of burnt rice and still feels the crispy taste in the mouth.

Gift for guests from far away.
For the convenience of tourists when buying burnt rice as a gift from afar, this dish today is often processed with shrimp (cotton scrub), also creating a very unique flavor.

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