Swing on Spring Day

In the past, every year at the end of the year, people were preparing to set up swings. It is a familiar image every New Year, Spring, because swinging is a wild and playful game of people in the countryside. Every village tries to make a beautiful swing, very satisfied, to not inferior to the neighboring village. The swing is a pastime in the New Year, is a place to help people get rid of the hard, worries and troubles of the old year.

On the days before the Lunar New Year, people go on a swing. The site of the swing is the large ground at the top of the village. The swing group usually has several middle-aged men who have experience in setting up and a healthy group of young people. Together they cut down bamboos to make swinging, the bamboo sticks for swinging are four big, old, steady and firm bamboos. Next, two bamboo trees are selected carefully to make a swing, these two types of bamboo are small bamboos, the body is only the size of a person's wrist, so small that the swingers grip tightly to ensure not to fall. People also made two more swings, in case they were happy to break the rope again, it was really uninteresting. Next, the two middle-aged men chiseled a few more details to be able to assemble into a complete swing. The young men split to dig four deep holes to bury the four bamboo poles, making sure, firm. Accomplished, Together they proceeded to set up swings, chants, voices and laughter. And when four bamboo poles were erected to put the tops together, people thought that the New Year had come very close. As for the boys and the girls, they saw that Xuan was bustling in the sun, feeling joyful ...

On the 2nd day of the New Year, where the swing was, the villagers gathered increasingly crowded. The colors of the shirt, the pants make space as well as newly added, warmer. The girls do not have to say, they wear the latest, most satisfactory. Eyes that looked like dewdrops swung about to someone, those gaze that contained hidden sweet words filled with tenderness and softness. Alas, how radiant are the new smiles! It was a bright smile on the eyes of the old men; timeless smiles of the old women; spring smile of the girls; In addition, the crisp, clear smile of children ... all written on the spring word is very beautiful!

The new swing screen really makes the fun, joy of Tet. People often swing in pairs, that is, for every two people to swing, it must be a couple of men and women to hit. Couples are paired by villagers by pushing, inviting, manipulating ... but everyone is happy to smile. So on, so the screen swinging last from day 2 to the end of the 3rd day of Tet. But the couple was initially afraid, partly because they did not have momentum, so they could not climb up, but then they caught up with each other, their legs were swinging and climbing up gradually. Every time they climbed up, the reviewers were excited, they cheered and applauded making the couple like to fly up. Beautiful couples are often the most sought-after, so the cheers are very enthusiastic. Girls are often ashamed, they are afraid of the way boys and girls get together like that in a crowded place. But in the end, those girls could not deny the crowd, or it could be because of the warm and passionate eyes of the boys who led them. 

The girls blushed cheeks, the shy smile on the lips of the girl as red as ripe made the boys ecstatic, the strange drunken yeast in life. And then they enter the passion, two swings pull two bodies a slender soft, a solid solid up high forever. They dance regularly and enthusiastically with all the flexibility and energy of the youth. Going up, up the two bodies as if wanting to blend together, as if to blend into the Spring sky. On the ground, viewers also like to follow those rhythmic dance movements. There was a man with a white beard looking like a couple of boys and girls, but like looking at his youth. Once upon a time he had a youthful age like them. On the old face, suddenly suddenly fresh, the distant days show warmly Spring!

In such spring celebrations, there are many couples who love each other, then should become husband and wife. And perhaps the forever swing of Spring day is the most memorable image and sacred memory in their life.

Now, the Spring days do not see the silhouette of the swing anymore. Perhaps this life is different in the past, when life was getting better, such mental pleasures were not very salty. But why do I feel so empty inside, feel that something is missing. And I lulled my heart by searching through memories of the lovely images of a time - that image of the swing and swing scene of the Spring days. Those images are still intact, sweet and warm!

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