The most attractive tourist destinations in Da Nang

1. Beautiful beaches in Danang
Da Nang has many beaches within the city such as Non Nuoc beach, Thanh Binh beach, My Khe beach, Nam O beach ...
The typical feature of the beaches here is that the blue waters hug white sand, low slope, smooth waves so there are people "shy" of water, you still confidently mingle. In addition to playing, swimming, here, also developing sports on the beach and adventure games like roller coasters, surfing ... for those who like thrills. Uncle seafood at the beaches of Da Nang, although not classified as cheap, is temporarily stable and delicious.
Forbes - USA has voted Da Nang beach as one of the 6 most attractive beaches on the planet along with Bahia - Brazil, Bondi - Australia, Castelo - Portugal - Las Minitas - Dominia, Wailea of ​​Hawaiian state of America.

2. Ba Na mountain
Ba Na - Nui Chua tourist area is located in Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, about 50km to the west of the city center.
Located at an altitude of 1,487m above the sea, although it is in the central region, the climate of Ba Na is cool all year round. With the beauty of "Dalat on high", Ba Na can be satisfied from adventurous travelers, with moving to the mountains by cable car reaching 2 world records is the longest and has height difference largest. Or travelers who prefer romantic, romantic homes with houses hidden in the clouds and in wildflowers.
In addition, from the top of Ba Na, you can catch all the beauty of this city or learn about the life and development of the flora and fauna ecosystem here.

3. Han River
Han River means Han Giang starting from the confluence between Cam Le District, Hai Chau District and Ngu Hanh Son District to Danang Bay, on the border between Hai Chau District and Son Tra District. With the characteristic of winding currents around the city, the Han River gives Danang a peaceful, peaceful and poetic mountain. The park near the banks of the Ha River (also known as the Han River park) every morning or evening welcomes thousands of locals and tourists to visit and relax.

4. Rotating bridge
The rotary bridge is one of the bridges spanning the Han River in Da Nang designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers. This is also the only spinning bridge in Vietnam today.
At around 0:30 pm, the middle of the bridge rotates 90 degrees around the axis, and lies along the flow of the river, paving the way for large ships to pass. At about 3:30 am the bridge will be back to the way it was. However, due to the lack of funding, people did not turn to the bridge every day, but only when the Da Nang Port Authority requested it. Witnessing the giant bridge slowly moving will bring you an epic and profound experience.

5. Son Tra Peninsula
Located 10 km northeast of the city center, Son Tra peninsula with a height of 693 m above sea level as a storm screen for the city. In terms of shape, Son Tra peninsula is shaped like a mushroom with the mushroom head being Son Tra mountain, the mushroom body is alluvial sand, deposited, creating poetic and fresh beaches such as But, Rang and Bac beaches. ...
Standing on the top of Son Tra, you can both enjoy the cool, fresh air of the sea and mountains, as well as zoom your eyes away, narrowing into the panoramic views of Da Nang City, Ngu Hanh Son and Ba Na ranges. - God Mountain… . In addition to swimming, exploring nature, coming here, you also have to visit Linh Ung Pagoda, worship the statues. Among them stands out as the largest Buddha image of Guan Yin in Vietnam.

6. Marble Mountains
Ngu Hanh Son is like a rockery in the middle of Danang city. Fantasy space, dreaming, temples and caves, plants and temple bells, waves and waves ... not far from the city center, Ngu Hanh Son has long been truly a paradise. Pregnant for visitors. There are many legends about this mountain, but the most striking is the story of the old fisherman assigned to look after Dragon's dragon egg. When the eggs hatch, their fragments form five mountains with colorful marble slabs.

In this very place, more than 200 years ago King Minh Mang came and named five mountains according to the theory of the Five Elements of the Chinese: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son. Each mountain has different shapes and mysterious cave system will stimulate your curiosity and adventure.

7. Bai But
Just 20 minutes by motorbike from the center of Da Nang city was at Bai But, a beautiful and poetic landscape at the foot of the East Sea wave, at the foot of Son Tra mountain. For over 3 years now, Bai But has become familiar to domestic and foreign tourists.

In the attraction of Bai But, besides the beauty of the mountains and the sea, the cool climate and fresh seafood dishes, the contribution of two houses with unique architectural features built with wood The stone harmonizes with the natural context of two familiar photographers: Ho Xuan Bon and My Dung. It is also a regular place to display their work.
As you look back on a journey of Ho Xuan Bon, here you can meet the award-winning works of international like Embrace the sky, Loyal friend ... But the breath of life is still the main stream. director in his art with moments caught on the physical road such as Cho countryside, Xom Cho ... It can be said that Ho Xuan Bon is a passionate camera man who captures the composition of nature but not always set up. And his discovery often leans towards the lyrical beauty, such as Coconut Designs, Shallow Sea ... It is easy to realize that Ho Xuan Bon earnestly fervently painted with festive mountains like Can Gio wine, but no avoid being overwhelmed by the bleak colors of high places: Opinions of the forest!

An investment project on Bai But resort has begun. Hope that investors keep this art gallery for visitors to Bai But to share memories along the way of Ho Xuan Bon and My Dung through the language of art photos and enjoying the feast. bright, colorful, that layout in the chaotic sound of Son Tra forest trees, in the sound of the endless East Sea waves scratching Bai But endless.

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