Travel to Sapa by the beautiful beaches

Traveling to Sapa, people often think of the wonderful beauty of nature that nature has bestowed. Coming here, everyone has a very common sense that it is pure beauty of nature.It is like a colorful picture of nature blending with people.
Traveling here, people feel like being immersed in nature, associated with Sapa, people often mention Ham Rong tourist area. Standing on the peak, visitors can see the roof of the world-top. Hoang Lien Son was soon covered by clouds. Looking at the dim peaks of the mountains through the morning mist or being dyed a yellow when the sunset fell, and it was impossible not to mention a beautiful forest as a national park. Hoang Lien Son mountain is considered as one of the most diverse biological centers in Vietnam. With fresh air thanks to the forest ecosystem, visitors will be free to explore and see the flora and fauna here.

Not only beautiful nature of Sapa is also mentioned by the cultural beauty as well as colorful festivals. Sapa with upland love markets is held every Sunday, which is a meeting place for ethnic boys and girls.They confess to each other through flute music and girls. All graceful grace through the dance spread, brilliant in the sun by the most beautiful costumes.It is considered as a pure beauty without unobtrusive but it gives the viewer the urge to know a very confidential In the confession, there are many national games like throwing and throwing pao ... And there are highland markets with many different items, visitors can choose for themselves a desired item made from the skillful hands of the workers here. Particularly loved are the exquisite brocade items that bring the color of everyday life through the motifs woven on the fabric.It is the crystallization of talent, hard work and suffering. The merits of generations are passed on from generation to generation.

 If traveling to Ha Long for people to look at a shimmering beauty, Sapa tourism gives visitors a sense of simplicity and simplicity. Through the customs and traditions of the local people, we can understand the differences of ethnic minority culture. Sapa calendar is also known by the taste of plum, plum, peach, apple, pear ... all of it.It paints a picture rich in vitality and colorful.

We will enjoy a lot of famous and branded specialties here. The intoxicating yeast of the apple cider will be ecstatic, the armpits are processed with many different dishes and the unique flavor of the local people makes it extremely attractive. Crispy spring fish, cornbread, peach cake, thick cake ... Coming here, tourists will enjoy and admire many delicious and new dishes.

It can be said that tourism in Sapa has been and will become a potential tourist destination that promises to attract domestic and foreign tourists because of its beauty and contributes to promoting the tourism industry of Sapa in particular. and of the whole country in general develop strongly.

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