Globally renowned for its cheap electronics industry and well-developed economy, is one of Asia's four baby dragons; however, for Vietnamese tourists, the phrase "Taiwan tourism" remains It was quite strange. What is good about Taiwan tourism? What is attractive about Taiwan destination is one of many questions of travelers when being consulted about this relatively new route. Let's take a look at the “10 unforgettable experiences” of world travelers when being asked about Xu Dai offline!

With a mere 36,000 square kilometers but more than 23 million inhabitants, this beautiful island is ranked as one of the 20 countries and territories with the highest population density in the world. Besides the crowded population, economic development, and diverse culture, Taiwan also makes visitors admired by the unique natural landscapes.
Subway station
Listed in the list of 8 most beautiful subway stations in the world, Kaohsiung station has a unique design like a giant kaleidoscope, this place is considered the largest glass art work in the world.

Wonderful Alisan
Alishan means Alishan mountain in Vietnamese, but actually this is the name of the majestic mountain range located in southern Taiwan with giant waterfalls, white foam day and night hidden in the middle of the primeval forest. thousand. The harmony between mountains, forests, rivers and natural light has created a charming picture for visitors to admire every trekking.

Nhat Nguyet Dam
Ignoring the mist of Nhat Nguyet lake comes from its shape. If standing in the middle of the lake, looking to the west of Nhat Nguyet, you will see the lake is shaped like a crescent moon, and looking to the east, the lake has a round shape like the sun. The four sides are surrounded by identical mountains; Here, every season seems. In spring, peach blossom blooms the way up the mountain. In the autumn, the full moon shines down on the lake, covered with a thin layer of mist, making the scene as realistic as it is captivating. 

Taipei 101 tower
Taipei 101 is the pride of the people of Taiwan. For quite a long time, before the Burj Khalifa (Dubai) tower was built, Taipei 101 was considered the tallest building in the world.

Yeliu Geopark
Located near the northernmost point of the island of Taiwan and stretching 1,700m coastline adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, towards Japan. Yehliu Geopark is famous for its bizarre rocks, historic fossils and funny names. The names of the cliffs here are based on imagination for its shape, such as: Fairy's Shoe, Mushroom Rock, Candle Rock, ...

Shifang Waterfall
The majestic waterfall is located in the ancient village of Shifen, also known as the Asian version of Niagara. Thap Phan Waterfall is an ideal destination for those who love adventure with challenging hiking trails. Along the way, in addition to watching the white waterfalls pouring down on the blue lake, visitors can stop visiting, visit the old village, and the breathtaking scenery of the mountains.

Taroko National Park
Located along Taiwan's east coast, Taroko National Park is one of Taiwan's 7 national parks. Taroko means "beautiful" in the Atayal language. The majestic canyons, steep cliffs, valleys and waterfalls poetic landscape makes this place as a picture painted. Taroko National Park is famous for Paiyang Falls, Tsingshui cliffs, and the narrow path that runs along the mountainside offers sweeping views of the surrounding natural landscape.

Beitou hot springs
Beitou mineral was famous right from the Japanese occupation, and the Japanese named the hot springs according to their properties and therapeutic effects, such as: Long Nai Thang (containing green sulfur), Tinh Nai Thang (containing white sulfur) and Thiet Niet Thang (containing iron).

Kite flying in Hsinchu city
Hsinchu City, which has traditionally been making kites for many generations, will be interesting if you buy a handmade kite with bright colors intermingled and let it fly through the picturesque mountain range or in the green city park. Reportedly, Hsinchu also nicknamed the city of wind and flying kites is one of the "specialties" of this place. 

Cuu Phan ancient village
To cope with the sea breeze and storms, every house is built of very strong stone and bricks, a two-storey roof, painted with a black tar-like herb oil, to be waterproofed. Visitors go up the stairs, stopping to look below, seeing the old class of houses with black roofs, forming a very unique view that is nowhere else.

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