Autumn in Japan is covered with beautiful red maple forest, so this season is particularly attractive to Japanese tourists. Autumn stretches across the land of the rising sun and depending on the time, each region will turn from green to yellow and then red. From Tokyo to Kyoto or Hokkaido, visitors can enjoy the beauty of "her" with extremely interesting experiences. Check out the must-see spots in Japan when autumn comes!

Hitachi-Ibaraki Park
Is a large park located in the Ibaraki district of Japan. It is known as the "four-season flower paradise" with four seasons of flowers blooming all year round even in the winter. Each season, Hitachi has its own beauty with different flowers, and in the autumn is the time when Kochia flowers mature and turn bright red. Each red Kochia dust, rounded into a giant "color carpet" under the blue sky.

Chubu-Sangaku National Park - Nagano
Located in Nagano City, Chubu-Sangaku Park is a popular tourist spot for the "natural monument" Kamikochi. Kamikochi attracts a large number of visitors because of its beautiful lakes and beautiful mountains. In the fall, the golden foliage covers the whole space, making the scenery even more charming. With the sloping ramp, allowing visitors to walk comfortably while watching the scenery from above.

Towada Hachimantai National Park
Towada Hachimantai National Park makes visitors ecstatic with the beauty when collected. In particular, there is Lake Towada, the largest crater lake on Honshu Island. When autumn comes, the rows of autumn leaves beside the lake loom over the clear lake, reflecting the reddish yellow colors that create splendid autumn moments.

Rikugien Garden - Tokyo
If traveling to Phu Tang, ignoring Rikugien is a pity. A beautiful garden with landscapes and architecture that is both ancient and romantic, Rikugien turns into a brilliant yellow and red shirt. Rikugien was built in typical Edo-style architecture, with a large lake in the middle of the center, surrounded by artificial hills, lush green gardens. The garden is open to visitors from morning to evening. Especially in the evening, a lot of lighting equipment is installed here to serve visitors, thus creating effects that make the garden more shimmering.

Kinkakuji Golden Temple - Kyoto
If anyone has the opportunity to visit Kinkakuji in the fall, you will surely be amazed at the spectacle of the magical style. As a famous gold-plated temple in Kyoto, in the autumn, the red maple leaves embrace the magnificent monumental architecture and silhouetted against the calm blue lake, reflecting the beautiful light rays.

Lake Kawaguchi - Fujikawaguchiko
Kawaguchi is a beautiful lake located in Fujikawaguchiko town and is located in a system of 5 lakes at the foot of Mount Fuji. Kawaguchi is an ideal destination for visitors after a difficult journey to climb Mount Fuji. Kawaguchi is favored by nature with each season bringing different shades such as spring, which is pristine in cherry blossom, lavender in summer in summer, and when it returns, the whole area is in the red and the forests. pine needles.

Korankei Valley - Toyota
With over 4,000 maple trees that make the autumn scenery even more beautiful, the Korankei Valley is a favorite autumn spot. Looking down from above, you can get into the eyes a red area, fluttering small streams and wooden bridges connecting the two banks. In particular, autumn here is even more special with the Koran-kei Momiji festival, all the red maple trees are hung with lighting beams, creating a mysterious wall scene at night.

The ancient village of Shirakawago - Gifu
The oldest village in Phu Tang country and recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. All the houses in the village are old houses built from the oldest materials but very solidly. The oldest old house here is up to 400 years old. Set amidst four mountain valleys, interwoven with moats or fields, Shirakawago brings you a sense of tranquility from the scenery and the friendliness of the thriving people. In autumn, when the mountain trees change color, Shirakawago wears a new yellow and yellow coat.

Nyuto-onsenkyo - Semboku hot spring
Imagine you are relaxing among the hot springs and enjoying the autumn scenery with the surrounding maple forests and listening to the lively sounds of the mountains and forests, isn't it great? That's exactly what you will experience when visiting Nyuto-onsenkyo hot spring.

Daisetsuzan-Hokkaido National Park
Daisetsuzan Park is even bigger than a small number of Japanese provinces, where it preserves almost the wilderness of a mountainous Hokkaido. Therefore, the fall here also brings a very unique beauty, both romantic but also very intense causing a feeling overwhelmed by the vast and majestic space.

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