Famous for its ancient, poetic colonial architecture, the ancient city of Malacca is one of the interesting places for travelers to Malaysia. 
Malacca ancient city with many attractive locations
The ancient city of Malacca is very popular with tourists

Malacca ancient city with many attractive locations
Unlike other flashy, luxurious locations, visitors to the ancient city of Malacca are very fond of its ancient, contemplative beauty. Despite hundreds of years of ups and downs of history, this place retains its original beauty.

Unique architecture in the ancient city of Malacca
Coming to Malacca city, visitors will admire the unique architecture, impressive. It would be great if you walk and explore the old town with glorious history. This is one of the places that many tourists love. Some places that tourists can explore in the old city are:

1. The Dutch square and the church of Jesus
Discover fascinating places around the square
The entire outside of the square and the church is extremely unique pink. Tourists come here can take a walk around this place. In addition, you can take photos, ride a colorful bike to explore the whole place. Each place will bring you extremely interesting experiences.

2. St. Pauls Church
Coming to this church, visitors will hear their own historical stories. St. Pauls Church is located on Bukil St. Paul's hill. This place has a very romantic and romantic scene. The best time to explore the whole church is in the early morning. Walking around the holy church
At this time, the weather is quite cool, people come to visit not too crowded, you can easily admire the beautiful scenery more. In addition, tourists can admire the Forta de Santiago fortress at the bottom of Bukil St. Paul Hill.

3. Jonker Walking Street
Admire the walking street at night
The Jonker pedestrian space is quite quiet. The houses in the street have old architecture. In particular, the restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes are all built very nicely. Usually, around the weekends, the night market here starts to open. Visitors can buy souvenirs from street vendors or various types of food at the stalls.

4. The museum is in the Stadhuys building
Learn the history of Malacca city
To understand the history of Malacca, tourists can visit the museum at the Stadhuys building. This museum preserves the history of the city in many different periods, especially in colonial times. Besides, coming here, visitors will better understand the culture of the museum.

5. Geographer coffee shop
The interesting thing about this cafe is the famous drinks. Especially, the bar is open until 1am so visitors can enjoy coffee and admire the beautiful night view. The unique decoration and architecture of the bar is the highlight of many visitors when coming to this place. Many people think that to explore the old city, tourists should take a boat trip on the Malacca River. The poetic and interesting scenery on both sides of the river will bring visitors the most interesting and fascinating experiences. If you want to come to this ancient city, tourists can book cheap tours of Malaysia to easily explore the romantic scenery here.

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