Every fall, tourists traveling to Korea and stopping at Nami Island will have the opportunity to admire the romantic and romantic scenes. The entire island is inlaid with fallen autumn leaves. That is why many people refer to Nami Island as the "autumn heart" in the land of kimchi.

Every year, when autumn comes, Nami Island welcomes many tourists. Most people come here to admire the autumn scenery and enjoy the peaceful, poetic atmosphere of this beautiful island. This place is the "heaven" on the ground that many people wish to once set foot.

In autumn, the leaves on Nami Island begin to change color
About 63 km from Seoul, Nami Island has become a favorite place for Korean tourists. It will be a pity if you come to kimchi country but have never visited the island. Favored by nature, throughout 4 seasons, Nami Island has irresistible beauty. Whether to the island at any time, this place is enough to hold the visitors by the irresistible beauty.

The romantic and peaceful space makes many people flutter
Nami Island is shaped like a poetic leaf floating in the middle of CheongPyung Lake. For the souls who love poetry, romance, this place is the ideal destination you should not miss. In the midst of the yellow of the autumn leaves, the human soul seems to settle, more peaceful.

Each scene has its own beauty
If coming to Nami Island, tourists come immediately to the lines of trees running straight in the almond tree road, fir tree road, fir tree road, cherry tree road. Each row of trees shines and blooms with bright red and yellow leaves. They form beautiful roads that look like slow motion footage. This place is considered a "virtual mecca" is fascinated by many people.

Nami Island is a great place for couples to visit
The great thing about stopping at Nami Island is that visitors can relax and take a leisurely stroll around the island. Under the chilly weather, every place on the island made people overwhelmed. From a distance, the ground looks like a soft carpet with colorful colors. Wherever you are on the island, it's easy to check-in for beautiful photos.

Autumn in peace on the island of Nami
Ideal check-in locations on Nami Island
In the fall, Korean tours of Nami Island are being selected by many tourists. With an area of ​​over 46 hectares, the locations on the island impress many people. It is known that Nami Island has more than 300 maple trees. Every time the maple lines begin to change their color, it is time to signal the fall. When coming to this place, visitors easily caught somewhere on the island pictures of squirrels and ostriches leisurely stroll around.

Count the falling yellow leaves and enjoy a peaceful life on Nami Island
On Nami Island, vehicles such as cars and motorcycles are very limited use. This regulation aims to keep the air fresh, peaceful and cool for tourists to have an interesting vacation. Therefore, when coming to Nami Island, you should not be too surprised by the poetic and peaceful scenery in this land. In the romantic space, there is the sound of birds singing, making it difficult for anyone to stop.

Nami Island has become a popular tourist destination
The romantic scene on Nami Island is the place that appeared in the movie "Winter Sonata" which is very popular. It can be said that without Nami Island, Korea will lack a little aftertaste of autumn. The peaceful autumn on Nami Island has become a highlight that visitors to Korea will remember forever.

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