* The weather is cold, the flowers blooming season sounds interesting but many people do not know that there are 10 reasons why you should not go to Dalat in November. So what are those reasons?

1. Respiratory organ is not normal because of smoke
Because the Delta is changing from Autumn to Winter, this time the climate of the Delta will become cold. You will not be surprised when you step out on the road in the early morning or late at night and ... breathe out smoke. What a "horrible" experience, right? It is true that the feeling of breathing out the smoke will make you illusion that you are abroad, not Vietnam.

2. It takes a lot of time to sleep
Along with the cool weather, in addition to the tranquility of the foggy city will make you want to just curl up in blankets and sleep until noon. So coming to DL during this time, remember to choose an ideal place to stay because the thing you stick with the most is ... that bed.

3. Lose weight so fast because you have to warm your stomach by the delicious food
And then, in the cold air, you'll want to eat something warm to warm your stomach. From banh cuon, banh mi banh mi, girdle rice paper, beef hotpot to skewers of skewers on the Lam Vien square. Of course, because it is so delicious, you should eat a lot, resulting in fat and weight gain.

4. Running out of pocket because you accidentally set foot on Night Market
Dalat Market has a lot of items, from food, drinks to souvenir shops, ... at a cheap price. Be careful with your budget. Especially in the evening, are you sure that you can control, just watch but not buy, not eat?

5. Before you go there is an additional cost to buy virtual clothes
In Saigon, you must never wear beautiful cotton shirts, wool hats, and earrings to keep you warm, right? Coming to Da Lat, especially in the last months of the year, the temperature will drop to freezing. In particular, when it comes to the check-in place in Da Lat, not until the end of Tet, so I have to prepare a suitcase of clothes to live virtual all.

6. The phone capacity and battery quickly run out
Not only are there hundreds of beautiful sparkling cafes and homestay quality like distilled water, DL is also famous for its beautiful flower seasons but rarely any tourist destination is "favored" as such. November is the month of Da Quy flower, of white cabbage fields, the season of snowy grass and snow and ripe ripe berries, listening to this is mesmerizing!

7. Work hard to find a lover to accompany
On rainy days, the nights will certainly be cold and foggy. You know what to prepare to bring more? Remember not to bring your lover. On rainy days, the sky is very beautiful, like a dim street lamp under a thin fog, hand in hand by the romantic Xuan Huong Lake ... Continue to imagine more!

8. Being GATO friends because showing off beautiful photos with "that person"
The name Da Lat - the city of love must be familiar to many people. It can be said that this place is the land of love, of an eternal love anecdotes. Not to mention the resorts associated with couples such as the valley of love, Mong Mo hill, each location, each leaf, every stream in Dalat marked the story of love, happy, sad and sad. .

9. Not having a lover is also mercilessly GATO
Any corner, any road in Da Lat you will be able to "virtual silk" live bring about an album to post facebook, instagram, surely everyone will have GATO with you to see. Not everyone has the time to carve a tour, so you will definitely become the focus in a short time.

10. Having an addiction called "Addiction to Da Lat"
With all the aforementioned things, surely after returning, you will take some time to balance as well as escape the days in the dream city, just want to go back.

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