Although it is a simple and peaceful land, Ben Tre is the birthplace of typical dishes of the Southwest region. The folk dishes like the nature of people here. 

Bananas Beating
This is a very special dish of this coconut, which is not only the favorite food of the girls you like for snacks but also the nostalgia of those who live far from the countryside. Bananas are hard to find, usually sold only at street vendors. This dish can also be homemade at home with just a bunch of bananas and an oven. The selected banana must be Siamese banana peeled and green has just turned yellow, the western people are known as "Huong Huong". If the banana is overcooked, the texture will be soft and not delicious A banana cut along and then put on charcoal fire, bake for about 5 minutes to drain and bring down, put into "mold" can be a plastic bag and then crushed. Then put the bananas on the grill, flipping continuously to avoid being burnt until the color from opaque white to ivory yellow, the bananas reach a certain porosity.

Extremely typical dish of coconut
Coconut milk is boiled until thick, add a little chopped onions so as not to faint as soon as there is juice to dip with the bananas. This is a play dish, each dish comes out nearly 10 slices but the price is less than 5,000 VND. On cool, rainy days, hiding under the umbrella of a roadside shop, peeling each piece of banana has been crispy on the kitchen and slurping the juice to the last spoon.

Bread dough soup
When traveling to the South, visitors will come to the country of bread dough, other areas also known as rice flour soup. After all, the main ingredient of this soup is rice flour, depending on how it is made. To make dough soup, people have to roll the dough out and cut it into thin strips into a pot, so it is called dough soup.

The dish is also known as rice cake soup
Bread dough soup is usually dipped duck soup with ginger sauce. In many places, people cook shrimps or shrimps to make it more sweet. The opaque white broth made by rice flour makes it difficult to mix with rice cakes. In Saigon and some other provinces also popular dish but sparse. When eating banh canh chopped in Ben Tre, do not forget to order another cup of greasy sticky blood.

Packaging Roll
This place is the origin of the rolls. Envelope is also the essence of one of them. This Western delicacy was created by the country itself and brought to the specialty. In addition to the basic auxiliary components such as vegetables, vermicelli, the rolls do not have meat and shrimp but wrapped with "tare" - a mixture of bacon with chopped pork skin. Bacon split skin and then turned on the pan, seasoning until the meat turns yellow and then cut down to cut. Skin boiled separately and sliced ​​into lengths of about 5 cm. You can also use pig ears to make more variations. Then, combine the two ingredients above and season the seasonings again to fit your mouth, giving the meat a stronger texture.

The food has great taste
A small ingredient that decides almost the "identity" of this dish is hearing. For hearing purposes, use roasted rice until it burns and place it in a pureed pepper mill. Then mix the hearing with the mixture of meat on the skin so that the skin is not greasy but still very easy to eat. Let the mixture absorb evenly for about 15 minutes and then you can cook the dishes right away. Rice paper roll out, put away the pinch of noodles, chopped vegetables, a spoonful of garlic and chili sauce, then nothing is equal. In addition to packaging, the upper packaging can also make noodles.

Rice snail pancake
Pancakes is no longer a strange dish to Southern people, but rice snail pancakes are a specialty of Phu Da dunes (Cho Lach district - Ben Tre). This dune is one of the rare places in the West to have the largest number of reproduction of rice snails. Every year, the rice snail is most prolific in the fourth and fourth month of the lunar calendar, but the rice snail reaches its peak in numbers right on the Lunar New Year.

Rice snail pancake is a specialty of Phu Da alcohol
On this occasion, Southern tourists often flock to enjoy delicious dishes made from rice snails. This type of snail can be processed into dozens of dishes, from the simplest steamed boiled to squeeze salad, scooping pancakes, stir frying all kinds. In particular, pancakes are still the most common and typical dish. Instead of the usual ingredients such as shrimp, termite mushrooms, people can pick up pieces of cake, scoop the scoop, fill up some stalks of vegetables, pickle pieces and roll them all in the leaves. Dip the whole roll of garlic chili sauce, sweet and sour rice snail to make people want to make more.

Crab porridge
Going back to the field without eating crab is considered as not returning to the field. In the Mekong Delta, immense rice fields and crabs are a natural product bestowed on people. Crab porridge must be cooked in a new, well-built clay pot, as the way of the Southern people from ancient times to here knows how to use earthenware to cook to preserve the flavor of the dish.

The food is delicious and good for health
The crabs split the shell to get bricks to cook the broth, and the finely ground crabs made the crabs. This method is certainly not strange to many people whether in the North or the South. In the crab porridge pot in Ben Tre, people often give fish, meat, mushrooms, duck eggs, shrimp. Deciding whether or not a good crab porridge is made with vegetables. Porridge often with bitter vegetables, young buds cut into the pot to the bitter taste of the vegetable a fishy taste of crabs. Sometimes, the days of cooling people still bring baskets of bitter but cool vegetables. To increase the sweetness of the pot of porridge, vegetable basket comes with loofah, spinach, vegetables, rafters, pumpkin, natural cotton depending on the season.

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