Tourists planning to travel to Ha Long and are worried about what specialties they should choose in Ha Long to bring as gifts?

1. Introduction about Ha Long tourism
Ha Long is certainly not a strange place for many tourists, but it is even a name that urges visitors to once visit. According to statistics, Ha Long is the most popular and prominent destination of Vietnam. What makes Ha Long so attractive to tourists?
Coming to Ha Long visitors will meet from surprise to surprise. Ha Long will give visitors an unimaginable look by the natural beauty of heaven and earth, surprise comes from the friendliness, honesty, simplicity of the coastal people or that surprises from specialties same characteristics that bring Ha Long.

Whether you are traveling to Ha Long on your own or taking a Ha Long tour, you can also take the time to explore the numerous and famous tourist and sightseeing destinations in Ha Long such as the Resort. Bai Chay Island, Tuan Chau Island, Yen Tu Relic Site, Sun World Ha Long Park ... These are great destinations that certain visitors cannot ignore when traveling to Ha Long.

2. Choose specialties when traveling Ha Long?

Combining in an interesting trip to buy the special gifts of the land is also a memorable experience. Tourists take the time to learn and choose the specialties when traveling to Ha Long is also a great opportunity for visitors to better understand the cultural characteristics as well as the people here.
Like many other places in Vietnam, Ha Long is also a tourist destination with many attractive specialties. Below, Viet Fun Travel will help travelers list certain specialties to buy when traveling to Ha Long such as dried sardines, dried squid, fried squid, dried seafood ...

- Sá devotees dry

Dried sá is a specialty of Quang Ninh, people in Quang Ninh often use it as a form of dried shrimp to cook soups, noodles, vermicelli, etc. then put into the pot of water will make the pot of water taste better, sweeter and stronger.
Dried peas can also be grilled and then dipped with chutneys like dried squid. Dried mosquitoes also appear in other places such as Nha Trang, Con Dao, Can Gio ... In each place the devotees will be sold at different prices, if tourists buy in Ha Long, the price fluctuates around 500,000. - VND 600,000 / kg.

- Dried octopus
Dry squid will definitely be classified as certain items to buy from the majority of visitors. Dry squid in Ha Long has many reasons why visitors can not resist its attractiveness. The dried squid in Ha Long is caught by people in Ha Long coastal area, dried and then sold in Ha Long markets.
Because Quang Ninh sea water is quite saline, Ha Long dried squid has a stronger salty taste than other sea areas in Vietnam. The price of dried squid usually ranges from VND 600,000 / kg to VND 900,000 / kg. The prices of dried squid vary in price, in part because the quality of each type depends on the needs of the traveler.

- Ha Long squid pies

If you call Ha Long dried squid is a certain item to buy, then Ha Long squid is a certain dish not to be missed when visiting Ha Long. Ha Long squid cake is a special dish of Ha Long that visitors can hardly find anywhere else. If visitors have the opportunity to travel to Ha Long, please enjoy the experience of the days in Ha Long with dishes served with squid pies such as water noodles, soup noodles, squid spring rolls, squid spring rolls. .. or some other dishes such as Ha Long rim squid pies, Ha Long squid pies stuffed with minced meat, Ha Long squid pies with sweet and tomato sauce ...
Above are the dishes that tourists should try when in Ha Long. If you are still fascinated by these dishes, visitors should buy them as gifts. In Ha Long squid is processed much packed, very convenient for tourists to buy as gifts.

3. Where to buy Ha Long specialties?

A new tourist arriving in Ha Long for the first time will more or less have difficulty finding places to buy delicious and reputable Ha Long specialties.

- Ha Long Market
Ha Long Market is not too far from Bai Chay tourist area. This is a market with very large and abundant goods on sale. Coming to Ha Long Market, tourists can spend about 2 hours to experience the whole market and choose the goods they want to buy. At Ha Long market, tourists can easily find souvenir shops, fresh and dried seafood areas or a squid stall.

- Cai Dam Market : Cai Dam Market has just been put into operation to serve the shopping needs of people and tourists coming to Ha Long. Coming here, visitors will feel many new things in the design of the market. Coming to the market, visitors can buy agricultural products, food, souvenirs, jewelry ... Travelers can choose their favorite items and buy as gifts for relatives and friends.
- Ha Long night market

Ha Long Night Market is also one of the ideal options for visitors to experience and can buy Ha Long specialties. Do not miss Ha Long night market because here you will experience a bustling life of Ha Long, a very different Ha Long when night comes.

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