Anyone who likes the wild beauty of the mountains cannot miss Dambri - Da Lat. This is a beautiful landscape of the foggy city which is also a tourist destination in Da Lat, which is interested by many tourists. 

1. Legendary Dambri waterfall in Dalat
According to legend, the two had met by the water to go on a date but the boy suddenly disappeared without a trace. The girl waited forever and did not see the boy appear, so she cried, waiting for the weary side of the waterfall. For a long time, the girl's tears formed into a large waterfall. The K'Ho people named the waterfall Dambri, which means " wait ".

2. Guide the way to the Dambri waterfall
Dambri is the name of the famous waterfall in the city. Bao Loc, Lam Dong province, about 100km from the center of Dalat city. From other provinces and cities, tourists can travel by plane, car, motorbike to Dalat. After that, travelers find their way to the city center. Bao Loc.
There will be a guide to the Dambri waterfall . You just need to follow this table to enter the waterfall. About 18km past the green tea gardens and coffee gardens on both sides of the road will reach Dambri waterfall. Despite going hundreds of meters away, visitors can still hear the roaring waterfall sound.

Dambri Waterfall is located in an area of ​​330ha, including primeval forests, tourist areas, and two other small waterfalls, Daara and Da Ton. Visitors can move down the falls by 3 roads. The first way is visitors follow the concrete path on both sides of the falls to the foot of the falls. This way visitors can fully explore the rich ecosystem at Dambri waterfall.

The second way is visitors traveling by 50m high elevator, running in parallel with the falls. Visitors will get to take "Dam Thii" waterfall from upstream to the foot of the falls.
The third way is to experience the system of modern sleds reaching two records: the station with the highest starting point and the longest tube sled system in Southeast Asia. Sleds move slowly to bring visitors interesting experiences.

3. Travel to Da Lat - See the beauty of Dambri waterfall
Dambri is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Da Lat . Tourists often choose Dambri waterfall as a stop.

If this is the first time you come to the waterfall, visitors will surely be surprised at the beautiful beauty of this legendary waterfall. The water of the waterfall from above is over 90m down, creating a beautiful scenery. In the rainy season, the water is rumbling, creating white bubbles.
In the dry season, waterfalls pour gently as soft ribbons to make visitors feel comfortable. In both seasons, the waterfall always brings a beauty that fascinates visitors. However, during the rainy season, the road is slippery, visitors should limit moving.

Currently, Dambri waterfall has a system of restaurants, motels, supermarkets, souvenir shops ... serving the needs of tourists. Coming here, besides watching the waterfall, taking photos, visitors can go to the foot of the waterfall to enjoy Highland coffee at the bar.

In the afternoon, when it is cool, visitors invite more relatives and friends to pedal around the large lake nearby. If you want to spend the night, you can rent a holiday home in the tourist area. The interesting thing about the night here is that visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of the campfire.
Visitors will participate in gong exchange night with young people of Chau Ma ethnic group, have fun, dance, enjoy barbecue, wine and especially hear about the legend of the majestic waterfall. this.
Dambri is a beautiful waterfall, the highest in Lam Dong. Coming here, visitors can enjoy the fresh air of nature, see the majestic falls between the pristine mountains and especially discover many interesting games here.

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