Than Tho Lake is a tourist destination with a scary name, but the natural scenery here is extremely beautiful. Than Tho Lake was formed when? How to go to Than Tho Lake for tourism? ...

1. Than Tho Lake tourist area - a famous tourist destination in Da Lat
Than Tho Lake tourist resort is located near the Army Academy, along Ho Xuan Huong Street, 6km from the center of Dalat City. From Da Lat city center to Than Tho lake, it takes about 15-20 minutes.

Than Tho Lake was formerly a swamp, after the Cam Ly Dam was built, Than Tho Lake was newly renovated and then became one of the tourist destinations in Dalat to attract tourists to visit. .
Than Tho Lake is a charming picture of nature, the water surface is strangely quiet. North of Than Tho Lake is the area of ​​Doi Thong Hai Mo Hill - an immense pine hill attached to a touching love story of a couple who are in love.

• The road to Than Tho lake
Starting from the center of Dalat city, tourists follow Ong Dao street, pass Lam Vien Square to Yersin Street, Quang Trung Street, Phan Chu Trinh Street to get to Ho Xuan Huong Street. At the end of Ho Xuan Huong Street, looking to the right, you will see the resort of Than Tho Lake .

2. The legend of Than Tho lake
“Dalat has Cam Ly waterfall
There is Than Tho Lake so people can't help it ”.

This verse speaks of all the charming beauty of Than Tho Lake. But in addition to the natural beauty, visitors to the tourist lake also heard many stories about the formation of the lake, the legend of Than Tho lake , the dreary epic about the formation of Thong Doi Mo Mo ...
The above stories are true, fake, but generally they all want listeners to know more about Than Tho Lake. Thanks to the above-mentioned stories, the 3-day Dalat tour to Than Tho Lake, Doi Thong Hai Mo became more mysterious and more attractive to tourists. In addition, the quiet, smoky scenery on the lake also makes the name of Than Tho Lake more suitable to name the lake.

According to the narratives of the people living nearby, the name Ho Than Tho comes from the rare natural characteristics of this area. Before and after the Cam Ly Dam, on the surface of the lake, there was often the sound of wind blowing through the whispering pine forests.
The name of Than Tho Lake also comes from the painful love stories of Hoang Tung and Mai Huong. This story is true that happened during the reign of King Nguyen Hue in the 18th century.

Hoang Tung was a young man in the village who followed King Nguyen Hue to defeat the Qing army. Before leaving, he promised Mai Huong to go to the lake to come again in the spring.
Ironically, outside the battlefield to report that Hoang Tung died in battle, Mai Huong was sad and threw herself into the river to commit suicide. In the middle of the spring of that year, Hoang Tung won the battle and heard that Mai Huong committed suicide very suffering. Later, he also committed suicide right at that lake.

3. Visiting Than Tho Lake
After being renovated, Than Tho lake has become beautiful and no longer looks as calm as before. Coming to Than Tho Lake for tourism, Da Lat tourists will walk on the green lawns, admire the romantic scenery of the lake or participate in horse riding, boating and sightseeing services on the lake.
After having a walk around the lake, visitors can choose to rest at the leaf huts scattered around the lake. On holidays, New Year and the weekend, the Than Tho Lake tourist resort attracts a lot of visitors to Dalat tour and the young people come here to relax and have fun at the weekend.
Near Than Tho Lake, there is another famous tourist area, Doi Thong Hai Mo Hill. This place not only has lush green pine forests but is also associated with a romantic and painful love story of Thao and Tam's soldier. Currently, visitors can still see the tomb of the daughter on Doi Thong Hai Mo area, on the left hand side of the gate to Than Tho Lake .

Pine Hill shines down on the lake to create a beautiful picture of nature, making visitors watch forever without getting bored.
Through the explanation of Than Tho Lake in Da Lat , tourists know more about this attractive tourist area, right? If you have the opportunity to visit the flower city of Da Lat, visit Than Tho Lake to visit and learn about the formation of Than Tho Lake.

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