Canada country red maple leaves with many beautiful scenery. Traveling to Canada, visitors will discover Jasper National Park with beautiful waterfalls, clear lake water and many other landscapes that make the majestic beauty of the Canadian country.

Information about Jasper National Park
Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, stretching over 10,878 km 2. It is located in the province of Alberta, north of Banff National Park and west of the city of Edmonton. The park includes the glaciers of the Columbia glaciers, hot springs, lakes, waterfalls and mountains.

It is also home to the wildlife that was once popular in the West. The flora and fauna populations are still preserved here while there is degradation in other areas. The hills, geology, geography and climate of the park create a safe living environment for rare plants and animals. Due to the diversity of wildlife found here, Jasper National Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Rocky Mountain Rock Park and one of the 15 World Heritage Sites in Canada. .

Transportation in Jasper National Park
In the park, traveling by car is the most convenient. But keep alert with wildlife while driving. Be especially careful at dusk and dawn, when many animals are most active. You can walk and cycle along the park's trails. A lot of the roads are created by wildlife. First travelers, pet dealers, adventurers continue to expand it. There are nearly 998 km of trails and 82 spacious campgrounds in the park.

Nice location in Jasper park
Maligne gorge
When traveling to Germany, tourists will be amazed at the beautiful scenery, majestic mountains, immense of the Maligne gorge in Jasper park. Maligne Gorge is said to be one of the most powerful and attractive tourist attractions here. You will be able to feel the softness and flexibility of each rock sprawling in the heart of the canyon. The natural landscape here also creates a noble and powerful beauty.

Icefields Boulevard
Icefields Boulevard is considered to be an impressive and spectacular journey leading in North American territory. Visiting here, visitors will easily realize the perfect beauty of the surrounding landscape. The charming images like: snow-capped peaks, white waterfalls, dreamy glaciers, ...

Athabasca Falls
Athabasca Falls always gives visitors extremely memorable feelings about a wild beauty with green primeval forests covered, the sound of water rushing through the sky. Encompassing the scenery here is both a heavenly color, freshness of majestic nature, of the deep sky and white clouds flying is, extremely magic.

Waterfall flowing majestic
Athabasca Falls also offers visitors new adventurous challenges. With winding trails, the waterfall becomes mysterious and full of obstacles, challenging the recklessness and courage of anyone passionate about adventure. The fog emanating from Athabasca Falls makes the surrounding rocks very slippery, some forming strange figures, giving you a rich imagination.

Lake Maligne
The lake is located about 44 km south of Jasper. Lake Maligne has a width of about 22.5 km. The average depth of the lake is about 35m and its deepest point reaches 97m. The lake lies above sea level of 1,670 m. The amount of water in the lake is always supplemented by a river of the same name named Maligne.

You can cruise on Lake Maligne by yacht
You can take a trip on Lake Maligne by yacht, watching the blue lake in the cloudy sky, the snow-capped mountains, the pine forests along the lake ... is a great experience for visitors. Famous for the best view of Lake Maligne is the Spirit Island - a small island in the middle of the lake with a few dozen sparse pine trees. This is considered the most prominent tourist spot of Lake Maligne, attracting a large number of tourists and photographers around the world to visit and create.

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