In the journey to explore the world, you will definitely use your camera or phone to be able to capture beautiful photos of the scenic spots you've visited. 

Golden rule in photography
The golden rule, or the one-third rule, will help you get great photos, especially when you take photos with the sky, and the horizon will be about 1/3 of the width of the image. A horizon is defined as a "boundary" between the sky and the horizontal surface of land or sea. In many cases, the person holding the camera often doesn't pay attention to this principle, either placing the horizon in the center of the image, or the horizon that is approximately 1/3 of the way but tilted. This principle will make a landscape picture beautifully artistic, but when photographing travel with people, you can ignore this principle.

The shooting angle determines the beauty and uniqueness of the image, instead of shooting directly you can try a different and more attractive angle. If photographing buildings and buildings, you should shoot from the bottom to see the majesty and beauty of the architecture. If you are photographing landscapes, you should choose the time when the sky is clear, the clouds are beautiful, at sunset or sunrise, etc. Or if you are a person who likes to have fun, you can create a fancy angle by applying “ France far and near ”. Accordingly, the image will be taken in a normal setting but the character is standing in a position close to the camera, or if taking two people, one will stand close, one will stand away ... As the two photos below is an example of photo creation.

Make good use of natural light
Sky light is still a deciding factor for a good shot. Do not take photos when the backlight is turned on, even when the flash is on, unless the sky light makes a feature like the portrait photo below. The person or group of people being photographed must stand toward the sun, preferably with a slight light, meaning the light will be horizontal to the subject being photographed instead of straight.

However, with the types of photos taken at sunset, it is different, in that situation, there is no need for the person to be shot to focus on the sunlight, but the image will be more beautiful and special when shooting backwards creating contrast but harmony between people and scenes, dark and light.

Always catch beautiful moments
Whether you travel domestically or abroad, you may come across beautiful moments, so you should leave your phone in a ready-to-read position. By wearing the camera with you or putting it in your pocket in such a way that you only take 2-5 seconds to perform the manipulation and press the camera.

Take photos wherever you are
Not every scene is beautiful, pictures are good, genuine pictures will look good. Beautiful photos also depend on the meaning and creativity. You are traveling so if you have a downpour and force you to go to a cafe or a dry place to avoid the rain, don't miss a good moment, a photo of the rain, the streets with hurried people, or even simply a porch with leaves and raindrops ...

Note when taking night photos
In low-light conditions such as night scenes, you should pay attention to how to hold the camera, just a negligence in how to hold the camera at the moment of press, the image will not be sharp, worse is heavy photo blur. To overcome this, you should hold the camera firmly or put on a "fulcrum" certainly not shaking. However, the best way is still to use a tripod. The beautiful night photos are images with street lights, reflections on the water, exposure photos with vehicles running like starlight rays ...

Some of the "tiny" tips on that you take advantage of, it is not difficult to own beautiful photos when traveling, right? From now on, you will have thousands of virtual photos that make people suffer because of your beauty. Have a nice trip!

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