Ha Long has many delicious dishes captivating millions of tourists. You are going to Ha Long to play and do not know what to eat in Ha Long?  

1. Canh Yen Quang Yen
Ha Long has many kinds of fresh seafood, including children. This is a species of oysters living on the rocks. The mussel is processed into many dishes, the most famous of which is the galactic soup. Ha intestine is removed, cooked sour soup with onions, tomatoes, tamarind, sour ears, dill, red chili.
This dish is both rich in sea and refreshing, especially in the summer. Ha soup is available in Ha Long, from popular restaurants to restaurants.

2. Grilled oysters
Grilled oysters are a very popular dish in Ha Long because it is both delicious and nutritious. Oysters are washed and baked right on embers. Once ripe, the oysters are dipped with lemon salt and chili. It sounds so simple, but the taste of grilled oysters is delicious. This dish is always hot and very popular with visitors.

3. Sticky white sticky rice
Many tourists when traveling to Ha Long  and enjoying the white sticky rice dish with squid have complimented the delicious meal. Cuttlefish is a famous specialty of Ha Long, made from fresh squid caught from this sea. Fried squid served with sticky white sticky rice, fleshy and aromatic, dotted with delicious fish sauce and a little herbs.

4. Bread An
This is one of the famous bakery shops in Ha Long because of its unique flavor. An bread has a crunchy crust, the inside is composed of stewed beef, shredded onions, laksa leaves and seasoning sauce made according to its own recipe.

5. Pearl yogurt
Bubble yogurt is known as the No. 1 snack in Ha Long. This dish is very strange with cold, soft yogurt served with hot coconut pearls. The taste of the dish is both delicious and cool, very interesting. Not only Ha Long people but also many tourists come here also like pearl yogurt.
Famous yogurt yogurt shop of Ha Long Co Nghi shop, at 10 Van Lang, Hon Gai or Ba Ha shop at alley of Long Tien pagoda, Bach Dang ward, Ha Long city.

6. Sticky white flesh dishonor
Ha Long is another delicious white sticky rice dish of Ha Long, which is white meat with humiliation. This dish is made from glutinous rice grown in Ha Long, the meat is soaked in soft golden aroma with forest honey. The taste of water chan is also processed in a unique way, creating a flavor that is both fleshy and fatty, delicious and delicious.
Dish of white meat dish humiliating meat is sold in many restaurants along the road of Bai Chay and is a popular dish that many people love.

7. Grouper with guava leaves
Not only Ha Long has grouper but grouper in Ha Long still has its own flavor. The grouper here is only as big as the thumb, the scales are green, the meat is very firm. Grouper with guava leaves is a specialty of Quang Ninh people, skillfully processed with guava leaves, sugar, ginger, pepper, red peppers. This dish is often served with white rice, a strong taste that is hard to describe.
Grouper is often caught at the end of the year, so you may not always be able to enjoy this dish. When coming to Ha Long on the occasion of catching grouper, you can book in advance at some Asian restaurants.

8. Cotton agave
Cotton buds look like sá devotees but do not live in the sand like sá devotees but live in mud. The agave is dark black and a bit smaller than the peanut worm, which is usually only eaten fresh. Cotton paddy can be made into many dishes such as sauteed with kohlrabi or sauteed with hand sticks, leeks, used for hot meals with very delicious rice.

9. Sautéed snails with soy sauce
Ha Long has a lot of dishes and the processing is also very diverse, including fried snails with soy sauce, which is popular with many people. Called fried snail dish but do not use fat or cooking oil, so do not get sick, the snail's taste is both delicious and crunchy. This dish is often used as a snack or as a snack.

10. Congee porridge
Clam porridge is sold in most of the coastal areas, but Ha Long people are still proud to create their own porridge flavor. Ha Long mussel porridge is hot and smooth, sweet, crunchy and delicious.
One of the most popular porridge porridge shop in Ha Long can be mentioned as Ms. Nga's shop in Loong Toong, Tran Nhat Duat, Hon Gai or Porridge & Pho shops in Doc Hoc, Ha Long city. .

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