Titop Island is named after the Russian astronaut, Gherman Stepanovich Titov. Out of 1969 islands, large and small in Ha Long Bay, Titop Island is a place with a very large view.

1. Things to know about Titop Island
Titop Island is an island with beautiful natural scenery, clear blue beaches, 4 green seasons. On the island there is a large mountain of lush green trees, below is a crescent-shaped beach embracing the whole island. Because the island has no people, it is very quiet. Ha Long tourist boats often stop to visit the island for bathing on the island and climbing the mountain to admire the scenery.
Among the tourist islands on Ha Long Bay, Titop Island is in the group of tourist destinations in Ha Long that tourists should visit. In addition to the poetic natural beauty, Titop Island also offers visitors beautiful views of Ha Long Bay from the top of the highest mountain of Titop Island.

In terms of distance, Titop Island is quite near Ha Long Bay, only 8km from Bai Chay port. To reach the island, visitors must travel by boat or speedboat. The time from Bai Chay port to Titop island takes about 20 - 30 minutes.

2. The right time to visit Titop Island
Titop Island is one of the uninhabited islands, so the scenery on the island is wild, high mountains for visitors to admire the beautiful beaches to relax. Tourists can visit Titop Island on any day of the year.
The tourist season in Titop lasts from June to January (January). In particular, June - July is the time when Vietnamese go to the island to rest, and December - January is the tourist season for international visitors. The weather in Titop these months is extremely beautiful, with little rain so it is very suitable for swimming, combining sightseeing on Ha Long Bay.
During the tourist season, the price of the island's travel, dining and rental services are quite expensive. Tourists in Ha Long want to go to Titop Island, so they should choose to go from February to May to experience the feeling of bathing in the cool blue water and admiring 360 ° of Ha Long Bay from the top of Mount Titop without having to squeeze together. other travelers.

“Titop Island offers a very wide view that I can freely capture the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay. It is hard to find a second island that can give me a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay so beautiful. ” That is the comment of an international tourist who has been to Titop Island, Ha Long.

3. Recreational activities on Titop island
As a famous tourist resort and tourist attraction, Titop Island is invested to develop a lot of diverse and extremely interesting entertainment services. Attractive activities that visitors should participate in are kayaking around the island, paragliding in the air, climbing Titop sightseeing ...
In particular, tours of Titop Island and the islands on Ha Long Bay by new seaplane recently received the attention of many visitors. Seaplane will depart from Tuan Chau Island and fly at an altitude of 300m for tourists to admire, the final destination of the trip is Titop Island. Each flight like that has a ticket price ranging from 1 million to 2 million / time.

In addition, visitors can also sunbathe on the beach, watching ships back and forth on the bay, or playing outdoor sports games such as volleyball, football ... Coming to Titop Island, visitors will experience. A very wonderful trip.

4. What is the beautiful island of Ha Long Bay?
In addition to traveling to Titop Island, visitors to Ha Long Bay still have many large and small islands to visit such as Dau Go Island, Co To Island or Tuan Chau Island. Each island has a very unique beauty, giving visitors hours of great travel.

Dau Go Island has 2 big caves: Thien Cung cave and Dau Go cave. These are 2 of the major caves in Ha Long which attract a great deal of tourists to visit. Co To Island has very beautiful beaches, cool blue water, white sand and quiet unspoiled space that is suitable for visitors to relax.
Tuan Chau Island is the largest island on Halong Bay. On the island, there are a system of high-class resorts and restaurants, high-class hotels serving the needs of tourists. In addition, visitors to Tuan Chau Island are interested in swimming on the artificial beach on the island.

Titop Island is a beautiful and attractive tourist island on Halong Bay. If visitors want to find a resort with beautiful scenery and green beaches, Titop Island is the best choice. See you on Ha Long Bay one day soon.

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