Dalat has many famous temples, not to mention Linh Son, Linh Quang, Linh Phuoc, Linh An pagodas ... In this trip, please stop at Linh An pagoda to learn about the pagoda. this nicely. 

1. History of Linh An pagoda
Linh An Pagoda is located in Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong province. The temple was founded in 1993 by Venerable Thich Tam Vi. Initially, this was just a small Buddha Recitation Hall with an area of ​​about 4ha. Inside the Buddhist concept of worship, to the pure practitioners, chanting, repentance ...

By 1999, the number of local Buddhists coming to study became more and more large, so the pagoda was forced to expand its scale and build more widely. In 1993, the pagoda was rebuilt with the total area of ​​the main hall of 1457m with tile roofs. When completed, take the name is Spirit Hidden Temple , used until now.
Today, Linh An Pagoda is a place of study for many Buddhists and a place of pilgrimage and spiritual tourism for tourists from far away. If you have the opportunity to tour Dalat , remember to visit Linh An Pagoda once.

2. Discover Linh An Pagoda
Linh An Pagoda has many unique features compared to other temples. Entering the gate of the temple, visitors feel the tranquility and tranquility of the Zen subjects. In front of the pagoda yard, there is an open-air Quan Am monument (built in 1994). Steps leading from the courtyard to the main hall have pairs of flanking dragons cast in cement, virtuous lines.

Through the steps, straight into the temple, visitors will meet the main hall. In the main hall, there are worshiping 5 Buddhas, namely: The center of worshiping Shakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Medicine Buddha; on the right is the Chuan De statue, on the left is Quan Yin Thien Thu Thien Nhan. The Buddha statues are beautifully decorated, making visitors sympathetic when entering here.
Behind the pagoda is an open-air Buddha statue, 12.5 meters high, built in 2000. The special thing of the hand statue is that the Buddha's stomach is divided into 3 floors for display and the place where monks gather.

Behind Maitreya is a house of 15 rooms, 45m long and 10m wide. This is the place of living and rest for the Buddhists to attend the recitation of Buddha and the Eight Precepts. Occasionally, visitors can stop here.

After the main hall, there is an Ancestor Church (reciting the old Buddha Road), an exposed Buddha statue and the Lam Pi Ni garden. Behind the temple, there is a hill stretching like a city wall surrounding the temple. On the green hills of trees, creating a fresh atmosphere for the temple campus.

Behind the Patriarch's house is Bo De village, the place of gathering and convalescence of Buddhists who play the apprenticeship. Visitors restricted to this area, avoiding noise to the Buddhists. Nearby, there is a net-house of a man who built paint in 1993.
In addition to the ancient features, inherent taciturn; Linh An Pagoda also has charming natural scenery, suitable for visitors to admire and admire the scenery. On the Full Moon Days, the first day of the festival, locals and tourists come here to offer a very large Buddha ceremony.

3. Discover tourist attractions near Linh An Pagoda
After visiting Linh An Pagoda , if there is plenty of time, visitors can visit Elephant Falls, one of the beautiful places to visit in Dalat .

Elephant Falls is a beautiful waterfall, flowing from a height of nearly 30m. Here the water flows throughout the day and night, the sound of the falls as a magical sound contributes to the excitement of the wilderness. Visitors here can watch the falls, take photos or lie on the flat rocks to watch the scenery of clouds and sky blending among the green forests.
In addition to Elephant Falls, visitors can return to Dalat, visit famous places like Love Valley, Datanla Waterfall, City Flower Garden, Dalat Railway Station, Lam Vien Square, Dalat Market etc.
There are many other interesting places waiting for visitors to explore. If you have a lot of time and opportunities, visitors should visit all the points Viet Fun Travel has just suggested. Certainly Dalat will give visitors many unforgettable memories.

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