Mau Son Temple is a very famous spiritual tourist attraction in Sapa tourist area. The temple has a long history and is one of three ancient temples with many cultural and historical values ​​still existing inside Sapa town. A day to visit Mau Son temple in Sapa will be an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the beauty of spiritual tourism currently being developed in Sapa.

1. Introducing Mau Son temple - 1 of 3 famous spiritual sights in Sapa
Sapa tourist area has many attractive natural destinations such as Muong Hoa valley, Ta Phin village, Silver waterfall, Mount Fansifan ... Besides, Sapa also has many spiritual tourist sites and monuments. culture and history are very famous such as ancient stone church, Hang Pho temple, Mau Son temple ...

Currently, tours to explore the spiritual sites and historical sites in Sapa attract the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Mau Son Temple is currently located at Group 4a, Thach Son Street, Sapa town. Inside Mau Son temple is worshiping princess Lieu Hanh, a beautiful and talented princess in the "immortal four" (according to the spiritual conception of Vietnamese people).
Legend has it that Princess Lieu Hanh was a heavenly being sent to earth to save people. To remember her thanks, the people founded Mau Son temple . As a solemn place of worship, the atmosphere outside and inside the temple are very quiet. Visitors to the temple will experience the tranquil atmosphere to find peace of mind.

Every year, thousands of visitors come to Mau Son temple . According to the statistics of the Sapa National Administration of Tourism, every January to July of the lunar calendar, many tourists come to Mau Son temple to visit and ask for peace during the year.

2. One day visit Mau Son temple
Tourists come to Mau Son temple most often on the full moon and early months to offer incense, worship and pray for peace. Because the temple is located in the center of Sapa town, visitors can easily reach the temple by motorbike, bicycle, car or the option to visit the temple on foot.
The inside of the temple is quite large and has just been renovated in 2013 so visitors can park a small car inside the temple. The temple is located on a high ground, the back of the temple is leaning on the mountain, the gate of the temple faces the vast and spacious space.

Stepping into Mau Son Temple , visitors will first see the statue of Princess Lieu Hanh in the center of the temple. The space inside the temple is quite small but still has the solemn and old atmosphere of the old place of worship. Mau Son Temple has more than 200 years of age so it is very sacred and one of the extremely famous tourist destinations in Sapa . Currently the temple is being expanded to become a most attractive spiritual tourist destination in Sapa.

3. The famous famous sacred temple in Sapa
Besides Mau Son temple , Sapa tourist area also has two other famous ancient temples, Hang Pho temple and Mau Thuong temple. Both are located in Sapa town and have existed for more than hundred years on this land.

• Hang Pho Temple
Hang Pho Temple is a very famous ancient temple located on Fansipan Street. The temple was built by people in the late 19th century to commemorate the merit of the Holy Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan. The temple is called Hang Pho temple because it is located near a busy street.
Hang Pho Temple has a beautiful landscape, the back of the temple is based on the mountain, the temple gate is in the direction of Muong Hoa valley. On the full moon days and the first day of the month, people and tourists visit the temple very crowded.

• Mau Thuong Temple
In addition to Mau Son temple worshiping Lieu Hanh princess, there is a quite famous temple in Sapa also worshiping a holy mother which is Mau Thuong temple.

Mau Thuong Temple, also known as Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple, is a famous sacred temple. The temple is located 3km from Mau Son Temple to the Northwest, at Group 11, Sapa town.
After being restored in 2002, the temple was more spacious but still retains the ancient features of a temple that is over hundred years old.

All 3 ancient temples: Mau Thuong temple, Mau Son temple, Hang Pho temple are very popular spiritual tourist destinations in the 3-day Sapa tours of many tourists. Each temple has its own sacred legend and beauty to explore and explore.
Is a day visiting Mau Son temple in Sapa really interesting? Mau Son Temple is a spiritual mecca of the people of Sapa. If visitors have come to Sapa town, you should visit the temple once to see the ancient beauty of the temple and to find peace and tranquility in the soul.

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