As one of the most interesting cities in the world, Berlin certainly has a lot to offer you other than German beer and sausage. 

Information about the city of Berlin
Berlin has an area of ​​883km2, which has undergone a history of over 750 years. Despite being severely affected after the war, today Germany in general and Berlin in particular have strived to rise strongly to become one of the places representing wealth, vibrant and modern. The German capital has all the things that travelers need: fresh air, abundant nightlife and modern shops.

Berin is a lavish modern city
Fun activities in the city of Berlin
Bungee jump
When traveling to Germany, you will be able to take part in many adventurous activities, in which the feeling of free falling while bungee jumping in Berlin will make you can feel and hear your heart beating, breathing difficult before started jumping down. That will make all the sorrowful thoughts in you disappear after a moment of plunging down. Certainly, these will be unforgettable moments.
In Berlin and the surrounding area there are many different locations for you to choose to go bungee jumping. A great place to take part in this game is in the heart of Berlin, where you will plunge yourself down from the Park Inn hotel at Alexanderplatz. If you are not brave enough to dance, when you come here, you still get a free view of the wonderful scenery across the city of Berlin from this extremely perfect view.

Discover abandoned places
Berlin is full of abandoned places and many mysterious stories surrounding it. Everything hidden around the door or the corner in the dark will make you suddenly startled, spooky but scary stories are one of the reasons that stimulate curiosity, want to explore and go on tours of Germany of visitors.

Going balloon
With a view from above, the capital looked rather small and glimpse loomed in the mist. When on high, you will be alone with absolute tranquility. This is the time to eliminate all tiredness, worry in life to relax yourself and enjoy the beauty of the city. You just need to sit up and drop yourself on the balloon, the wind will take you anywhere to make you more comfortable. If you suddenly get tired of life, try taking a hot air balloon ride to blow away all your troubles.

Trips along the canals will bring you many impressive experiences from a completely different perspective. It is a pure, quiet and ideal countryside for a break. Sometimes the paths are very narrow and can fit just one canoe, but the beautiful scenery to the heart will make you not pay much attention to that inconvenience.

Cycling around the city
One of the interesting activities that visitors cannot miss is cycling around the city. Berlin has a flat terrain like Amsterdam or Copenhagen, so you can cycle around easily. One of the interesting routes for those who like to enjoy the scenery is cycling along the river Spree.

Culinary background in Berlin
Berlin is considered to be the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey, so Doner Kebab or Pitta bread is the most popular street food in this city, just like bread in Vietnam. Doner cakes here are also very cheap, you can easily buy one just about 2Euro on the street.

Doner Kebab is a famous dish here
In addition to other cheap food such as snacks, street foods you should go to Markt Halle Neun Street, every Thursday night from 17:00 - 22:00 there is a bustling street food fair, with Famous dish is Currywurst Doner, a type of fried sausage with curry sauce served with french fries.
Another dish worth a try is Vegan Pizzeria, an Italian Pizza in the heart of Germany, the restaurant serving this dish is very delicious Sfizy Veg. In addition to the delicious pizzas, the design is also very beautiful, the white tone looks very stylish and clean.

The note when traveling to Berlin
Shops in Berlin usually close on Sundays, including shops, drug stores and supermarkets. You can still find some places that are open like in Brandenbourg Gate but seem to be there as unique.
Usually you speak English in Berlin they still understand and answer for you, but it is better to still learn some basic German sentences because most of the street signs are in German.
Walking around in Berlin, you will find that the people here are very friendly
In Berlin, the central district is Mitte, if staying and living in Mitte and Charlottenburg is of course more expensive than in the Alexanderplatz area which was formerly the center of East Berlin.

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