Italy has always been a romantic paradise, a land of love, what could be better than having the other half of your hand in hand to enjoy the happy trip together. Not only is it a paradise of love, but it is also famous for ancient churches, architectural works, ornate monuments, beautiful faucets.

Not as flashy as Milan, lovely as Venice, but Italy's capital of Rome and its ancient features still make many people fall in love. Rome is the leading cultural city, center of commerce, politics and economy of Italy. Built in the 8th century BC on seven adjacent hills to date has 2800 years of history and it is honored as a city of eternity. "All roads lead to Rome!" Rome is truly a paradise for everyone. Rome is always welcome whether you are a lover of ancient architecture, or a lover of music and art or couples who come to Vietnam for vacation.

Classic TV series "Summer vacation in Rome"
What is more wonderful than when you are walking on the paved roads connecting the Trevi fountain with the legend of the immortal coin in Spain square spreading red carpet on a beautiful day, where witnessing love Princess Ann and the reporter in the classic TV series "Summer Vacation in Rome". Let's take a look at some tourist destinations in Rome for couples:

The Colosseum
The Colosseum is a famous area - where fighters show their strength by fighting to the death. Considered a symbol of Rome, the arena impresses by its length of nearly 200 m, width of 156 m and height of nearly 50 m. When you come here, try to close your eyes and think about the scene of a "one-on-one" fight happening on the stage right before your eyes, opening your eyes will make you feel relieved to know that all is just is imagining, and how lucky I am to be in the middle of a peaceful and untidy time. It turns out that the person who loves us is still with us, and this world has so much to discover. Perhaps that is also the reason for the kiss was born here.

The Colosseum is an area where many couples give passionate kisses
Trevi fountain
Trevi Fountain is one of the most beautiful places of Rome. The sparkling water that flows from the oldest aqueduct in Rome is often called the "Acqua Virgine" (sacred water). Prominent in the middle of the lake is the majestic statue of Neptune, the sea god, standing on the chariot trampled by majestic sea horses.

Romantic proposal of couples
Located in the top of ideal destinations to propose, it's not uncommon for this place to witness the young couples kissing and sublime love. Trevi is also a place of dreams and hopes, the legend says if you want to return to Rome, you should throw a coin into the water. If you're traveling with someone you love, throw two coins in the water, because one day, the couple will stick around for life.

Pantheon Temple
Coming to Rome without visiting the Roman temple Pantheon is a flaw, let's arrange the time to visit this world-famous ancient temple. Built around 118-125 BC, Pantheon is one of the main buildings of the ancient Roman Empire. It is believed that this is the place to serve the gods because Pantheon in Latin means "Temple of all gods". Come with your other half here and pray for your love forever.

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