The first spring of the year to visit the fish in Myanmar

Myanmar is a mysterious country that attracts visitors thanks to its pristine, ancient features and thousands of temples that contain deep spiritual beliefs. This spring, please travel to Myanmar to pray for a good new year. 

Sule Pagoda
Sule Temple is a long-standing temple with more than 2500 years old, is considered one of the 5 most sacred golden temples in Myanmar and attracts millions of tourists every year. The pagoda was built in the ancient architectural style, about 48m high, gilded dome and yellow spire. According to the legend, Sule Pagoda is a place to keep one of the eight hairs of the Buddha as one of the reasons that attracts the curiosity of Myanmar tourists.

Shwedagon Paya Golden Temple
This is the most famous temple in Myanmar, the temple was built from the 6th century to the 10th century in the capital Yangon. The gold-plated tower of the temple is 98 meters high. The temple is located on Singuttara hill, from here, you can see the whole city of Yangon. From the foot of the hill, there are 4 ways to the temple. Each exit has a pair of "chinthe" (the lion) guarding. The east and south entrances are lined with shops selling Buddhist worship and austerities. At the end of the stairway to the South there is a portrait of the second incarnation of Buddha, Na Na Buddha. The gold inlaid around the tower are thin gold-plated sheets donated by Buddhists, skillfully crafted by traditional craftsmen. This gold-plated offering dates back to Queen Shin Sawbu.

The most famous temple in Myanmar
The space of the temple is spacious, airy, the stone floor is cool, very comfortable. Myanmar people have a very careful and solemn attitude when entering the temple, do not talk loudly, do not light incense or smoke. They often recite sutras, meditate and pray. Where the noise of bustling and bustling people is undoubtedly foreign tourists, they take photos, admire the excitement of the magnificent pagodas like the palace of gold and jewels.

Golden Rock Pagoda
This is one of the oldest and most famous temples in Myanmar, it is also said to be a sacred stone that holds the hair of the Buddha. The temple is located on the top of Mount Kyaikhtiyo with an altitude of over 1,000 m above sea level and more than 200 km from Yangon. The pagoda is located on an egg-shaped stone block with a height of 7.3m and a circumference of 15.2m. Legend has it that this ancient and famous temple was built 2,500 years ago and is classified as a world cultural heritage.

The oldest and most famous of the temples in Myanmar,
One of the points that made the temple famous is because it is located on a rock lying on the side of the mountain. The point of contact between the giant stone and the cliff is only about 78cm2. From a distance, it looks like a stone is about to fall, but this sacred stone has remained stable for thousands of years. For those who have ever toured Myanmar, admiring a stone and the temple covered with gold leaf lying on the mountain is very unique.

Botataung Temple
Botataung ancient temple is located near the center of Yangon city, built 2,500 years ago. It attracts many visitors to the pilgrimage by the height of 40 meters - an ideal place to see the whole city of Yangon whenever the sunset falls.

The temple stands out with a gilded dome
Located beside the river, the temple stands out with a typical gilded dome tapering upwards and limited by a symbolic pyramid. The main tower is located in the center of the tiled platform, surrounded by many smaller towers. Meanwhile, the other stupas are mostly solid and have doors that open and close. This stupa has a unique, hollow inside that can easily help visitors walk through it. The path through the stupa, the mosaic walls, you'll notice the glass stalls displaying ancient carvings including the image of the old Buddha, What astonishes you is that both walls and ceilings are covered with gold containing sacred Buddha relics.

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