Not only attracts tourists with green parks, great architectural works or because of the outstanding development, the United States also has beautiful beaches that attract the attention of every visitor when coming here. If you have an American tour, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches with the sparkling water of jade.

Main Beach - New York
Main, located in East Hampton in New York, is a "perfect combination of nature and environment" with an old nature reserve right on the coast. Main nature is yet a wild beauty with charming natural landscapes and clear blue water. Coming to Main, visitors are free to play with sparkling quartz sand, unique sand dunes, listen to the waves of the shore or walk around the beach with a bicycle. In addition, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool water or sunbathe on the smooth sand and enjoy the inherent peace. Besides, New York's Main is a great place to organize romantic celebrations for couples as well as the whole family. Main Beach is definitely the ideal choice for travelers traveling to the US.

Hermosa Beach
Hermosa is a perfect beach for outdoor sports activities. Coming here, tourists not only lie on the fine white sand to welcome the sun or bathe but also participate in many recreational activities such as surfing, swimming, volleyball on the sea, ...

The attraction of Hermosa beach that many beautiful beaches in the US do not have is that next to the sand, there is a small path for bicycles or jogging, walking ... enjoying the cool sea breeze. Or at night, this place is more bustling with a series of bars, restaurants ... exciting activities.

Coronado Beach
Always in the top of the most romantic and romantic beaches in San Diego, Coronado Beach is not far from the city center and is considered a miniature California with pristine natural beauty. Coronado has the appearance of the Mediterranean region with warm sunshine, cool water with coastline of fine white sand. In Coronado, visitors can participate in water sports such as fishing, boating, surfing in restaurants or coastal cafes with beautiful open space. It also has crowded and bustling shopping malls to meet the needs of fashion followers.

El Matador Beach
El Matador is also a beach located in Southern California, located in the city of Los Angeles. Contrary to the image of a vibrant, bustling city, with many places to have fun, eat and drink, etc. El Matador brings a peaceful, gentle, relaxing beauty, a feeling that you will not found anywhere in Los Angeles. After sinking in the cool water, tourists often linger, stroll along the coastline and watch the sunset. Perhaps that is why many American tourists choose El Matador beach as a place to have fun, enjoy their honeymoon.

Clearwater Beach, Florida
This beach attracts countless families as well as couples to travel and enjoy the holiday. Spread along the Pinellas peninsula about 3 miles wide, Clearwater Beach is located on the beautiful blue coast of the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and just east of the quiet Tampa Bay. Tourists who come here will often enjoy collecting when sunbathing on the white sand beach, taking part in beach volleyball, fishing in the ocean, boat watching whales or exploring the museums and aquariums.

Laguna Beach
Laguna is at the top of the list of great beaches in Southern California. Not only conquering tourists with blue sea, clean, smooth white sand, comfortable resorts but the atmosphere here is quite fresh, quiet, suitable for travelers who are looking for a place relax. Ignoring the noisy, hustle and bustle in the lavish city, coming to Laguna beach, you are just immersed in nature.

Laguna is at the top of the list of great beaches
Traveling to the US besides exploring beaches, there are many interesting activities waiting for you to explore. The country of flowers is always a dream destination for those who love traveling. If you have the opportunity to set foot here, enjoy it to the fullest!

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