Dubbed Hawaii of Korea, Jeju is always in the favorite journey of many tourists, with unique destinations. Jeju is known as a paradise for couples, where there are many beaches, waterfalls, cliffs and beautiful caves. But here is not only famous for its peaceful natural scenery but also for many activities that you must try when you come here.

Explore tangerine and persimmon farms
Coming to Jeju Island, most tourists will once taste the fruits of this beautiful island. It is tangerine sugar. The yellow, juicy, juicy tangerines are an extremely effective beverage. In addition, tourists traveling to Korea can experience visiting and tending tangerine farm with the farmers here.

Tangerine farms are abundant in Jeju. Usually they are submerged along the road from the center of the island to the Seogwipo region. When visitors enter the farm will be lost in a fairyland so. Full of fruit, extremely beautiful. Tourists can harvest fruits, pack and sell them on both sides of the road with the "no seller" model.

Explore the Korean meadow
Referring to the smooth green grasslands, with the strong and strong horses, people will surely remember the famous SBS drama Paradise Ranch. And these shimmering videos were shot at Jeju's horse farms. Going on a Korean tour, you should try horse riding to be free to travel and surf on the vast grasslands, horse riding is considered an extremely popular recreational activity here. Tourists will see the whole beautiful scenery of paradise island when sitting on a beautiful horse. Moreover, the horse riding route will help you admire the majestic natural beauty of Hallasan mountain or bring your eyes to a picturesque Seongsan Sunrise Peak.

Swing rope - Zipline in the air
Experience the thrilling and thrilling swinging, watching the peaceful scenery of green tea hills, watching Hanllasan mountain and Daheeyeon ocean. Feel the strong sea breeze blowing and shouting loudly in the vast sky. Definitely excited and excited when you join this game.

Diving under the blue sea
The areas around Munseom - Mosquito Island and Beomseom - Tiger Island are ideal places to enjoy scuba diving with oxygen tanks because the sea temperature here stays at 20 degrees C year-round and it possesses frames. Wonderful scene under the sea.

Drive terrain terrain Udo island
The famous Udo Island is located in the eastern part of Jeju Island, it takes about 15 minutes by ferry, you can catch a ferry at Seongsan Port to go to Udo. On Udo Island, there are curves along the beach to use beautifully. The roads here pass through the ranch with their very adorable horses. Accompanied by sports that are extremely attractive blue beaches, with long white sand beach headline, opening your eyes far away. Visitors can rent a terrain vehicle with unique shapes such as ATV or Scoooter GMT to enjoy the beauty of this Udo island. Usually, going to Udo, you will take at least about 2 hours.

Explore the ocean floor
Exploring Jeju's sea by submarine is a unique way to see shipwrecks and even underwater scenes 40 meters below sea level. You can explore the rich marine flora at a depth of 10m and crested coral reefs at a depth of 30m. You should not miss this exciting activity because the island's seabed terrain formed from volcanoes will make you unforgettable.
Besides these activities, there are countless other famous places in Jeju such as Cheonjiyeon Falls, Seongsan Ilchulbong Mountain, O'sulloc Tea Museum, ...

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