Referring to Quang Ninh tourism, tourists will think of attractive tourist destinations such as Bai Chay, Tuan Chau Island, or Co To Island ... However, there is still an extremely interesting destination that few tourists. Known there is the island and Ngoc Vung beach .

1. Introduce Ngoc Vung island and beach
Ngoc Vung Island belongs to Van Don district, Quang Ninh. Ngoc Vung is located between two islands, Hon Net and Phuong Hoang. In the past, Ngoc Vung Island was home to many kinds of rare pearls, when the night of the pearl glowing the whole sea. Because of the light that shines an area around the sea, this place is called Ngoc Vung The beach here stretches about 3km very beautiful, clear blue sea, fine white sand and very clean.

For Ha Long tourism , perhaps Ngoc Vung Island is still a new, wild and undiscovered tourist destination. So, is this really a very interesting place for travelers to explore?

2. Should travel to Ngoc Vung Island at any time?
Ha Long City is a coastal region with 2 distinct seasons each year, winter and summer. In general, for traveling to Ha Long or Ngoc Vung Island, visitors can go at any time of the year, each season will bring its own characteristics. But to make your trip to Ngoc Vung Island become more perfect, visitors should avoid going in September - October. This is the time when Ha Long is often affected by storms.

3. Discover what's on the island and Ngoc Vung beach?
Although Ngoc Vung Island is still a new tourist destination in Ha Long , not much has been explored but coming to this place there are still many interesting things for visitors to play and enjoy.

- Bathing at Truong Chinh beach
Truong Chinh Beach is a beautiful and unique beach on Ngoc Vung Island. The beach is about 3km long, with clear blue sea, fine white sand, not too deep so it is quite suitable for tourists who want to swim. The beach is located quite near the center of the island, visitors only takes about 15 minutes walk to be able to arrive.

- Camping a tent on the island       
"A homeless night" will probably be a great experience when traveling to Ngoc Vung Island. Try to spend an overnight experience in small huts set up on Ngoc Vung Island, hear the sound of the waves, smell the salty air of the sea at night, blend with nature ... Is it great?

- Experience being a fisherman on the island
Discovering the cultural traditions of a new land is always one of the great values ​​that tourism brings. The experience of being a fisherman on Ngoc Vung Island, living a day like the people here is the best way for tourists to easily understand a part of the work of the people in Ngoc Vung Island. One day traveling to Ngoc Vung Island, visitors can experience activities such as fishing, clam raking, scooping on the beach ...

- Enjoy the fresh seafood dishes
After moments of playing, visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious food at Ngoc Vung Island. Here visitors will enjoy a variety of especially fresh seafood such as clams, shrimp, squid, snails ... Visitors can enjoy dishes prepared from the people right on the island or buy seafood fresh as a gift. In addition to the island and Ngoc Vung beach tourist sites, Ha Long has many attractive tourist attractions. Visitors can refer to the Kim Quy Cave tourist destination to make their trip even more diverse.

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