Many tourists wonder "where is the address of Domaine De Marie church?". The answer is Domaine De Marie church is located at 1 Ngo Quyen, Ward 6, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong. The church has beautiful and unique architecture, so it attracts many tourists to visit. If you have the opportunity to travel to Dalat, remember to visit Domaine de Marie church.

• Driving directions :
From Da Lat market, you go through Hoa Binh area to Ba Thang Hai Street, go straight this road will meet a small roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout, you will see Hai Thuong Street, then continue straight to Mai Hac De Street. If you run all the way, you will see Ngo Quyen street, you will see Domaine de Marie church on the left . The distance from Dalat market to here is about 2km, you go about 6-10 minutes to be able to arrive.

History of the Domaine de Marie church
Domaine de Marie Church , also known as Vinh Son church, Mai Anh church. This is an architectural cluster consisting of a chapel and two rows of monasteries, all located on the campus with an area of ​​12ha. The church officially began construction in 1940 and completed in 1944.

The person most credited with building the church is the Indochina Governor-General, Jean Decoux, Suzanne Humbert. Reportedly, she is the one who stood out to raise and mobilize parishioners to build completed works. However, when the church was just completed, she was unfortunately lost by a traffic accident. In memory of her merit, the church decided to build her grave on the premises. Today, visiting the Domaine de Marie church, visitors can visit her grave.

Previously the church was the main monastery of the Sisters of Ai Ai Thanh Vinh Son (hence the name Vanh Son). After liberation (1975), in addition to the chapel and the two monasteries, other facilities were used for public purposes.

The nuns here have raised many orphans and provided vocational training for them such as weaving, embroidery, painting, etc. Behind the church there is a souvenir shop made by children here. Going to Dalat , you can come here to buy some souvenirs for your relatives and friends.

Domaine De Marie church architecture
Domain de Marie Church was built in the 17th century European style in combination with Vietnamese folk architecture. The unique feature of this project is that it is all made of split rock and uses a binder that is lime, molasses and some other additives.

From the construction up to now, the church only uses one kind of dark pink lime to sweep the wall, creating extremely eye-catching colors. Every afternoon when sunset falls, the sun shines on the church, reflecting a beautiful color.

Domaine de Marie poet was built on a 12ha campus with a length of 33m and a width of 11m. In general, the system of roofs covering the whole church is like the empty roof of people in the Central Highlands. The front of the church is designed in a triangle, on the top of the roof is a cross (cross), in the middle of the roof is a round window. The two symmetrical sides have three rectangular windows, creating accents for the front of the church. At the foot of the poet are prominent stone steps.

The two sides of the church are paved with splits up to the window, on the roof of the red tiled roof, in the middle of the roof are many triangular windows, making the roof more impressive. Domaine de Marie Church designed without a set of rules so extremely unique. Therefore, many young people come here to take photos "check in".

Entering the church, visitors will be overwhelmed with the space here. The rows of polished wooden tiles, lined with toothpicks. Heading into the sanctuary, visitors will see a statue of Our Lady of Blessing higher than 3m, weighing more than 1 ton, by Lady Jean Decoux.
Above the statue is a statue of Jesus hanging on a cross. In addition, there is a frieze of Jesus hanging on the wall. The sanctuary area is a place of experience, visitors should only look from afar. If you want to pray or pray, you can sit under the rows to read.

Outside the church is a spacious campus with many flowers and trees. There are many fresh flowers on the premises like narcissus, hydrangeas, roses and so on. Bloom blooming season, visitors spoiled here to enjoy flowers, photography. In addition, there is a statue of Mary holding Jesus' hand, many visitors come here to pray.

Some note when visiting Domaine de Marie church
The church is a sanctuary, a place of worship for Catholics. On weekends, parishioners often go to church to attend masses and prayers. Tourists also flock here as much on weekends. If you want to visit the Domaine de Marie church , you need to note the following:

- No frolicking, noisy running, affecting nuns and children in the church.
- Do not indiscriminate littering, causing unsanitary here.
- Tourists do not take photos inside the church because this is a sanctuary. If you want to take a "check in" photo then you should take it in front of the gate, in front of the stairs or in the church grounds.
- Dress politely and politely when entering the church. Do not wear miniskirts, shorts or two-string tops to the church.
- Speak quietly, politely. Don't use vulgar words to joke around here.

Visit some other places near the church
Leaving the Domaine de Marie church , visitors can find many other attractions nearby. Must include places such as Ho Xuan Huong, city flower garden, Dalat market, Chicken church, Tuyen Lam lake, Valley of Love, Thien Phuc Duc Hill and so on.

A little further away, there will be Datanla waterfall, Van Thanh flower village, Cau Dat tea hill, Dalat strawberry garden ... Each tourist destination in Dalat will give visitors many interesting and unforgettable experiences. Viet Fun Travel firmly believes that Da Lat will not disappoint tourists, but it is more beloved.

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